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Attack on Su-57, first Ukraine's air strike on Russia - Weekend brief

Attack on Su-57, first Ukraine's air strike on Russia - Weekend brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

In Russia, a Su-57 aircraft was hit right on the airfield, and there is a possibility that more than one was damaged. Meanwhile, Ukrainian aviation has struck a target on Russian territory for the first time.

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First successful strike on Russia's Su-57 aircraft: Ukrainian intelligence

On the morning of June 9, it was reported that a Su-57 was shot down at an airfield in Russia. However, in the evening, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine reported that there could have been two Su-57s downed.

The planes were at the Akhtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan region. Satellite images confirmed the damage. However, it was not disclosed who and what hit the Russian aircraft.

Ukrainian aviation strikes target on Russian territory first time

Ukrainian military aviation struck a target in Russia for the first time, Sky News reported. The strike took place near Belgorod.

A Ukrainian military source told Sky News that on Sunday, an aircraft hit a Russian command center near Belgorod. Sky News does not know what exactly was used in the strike or whether it was a Western weapon.

"Although damage assessment is still ongoing, it is confirmed that it was a direct hit. This is the first time the Ukrainian Armed Forces have fired an air-launched munition at a target in Russia," a Sky News source said.

Macron dismisses parliament amid failure in European Parliament elections

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the dismissal of the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament. This happened after the preliminary results of the European Parliament elections in France were released, reports Le Figaro.

Macron delivered his address to the nation after French media announced the results of exit polls in the European Parliament elections. The exit polls predicted a victory for the National Rally party, led by pro-Russian Marine Le Pen.

Macron made the decision to dissolve the parliament against the backdrop of the crushing defeat of his party, the National Revival, in the European Parliament elections. It won 15.2% of the vote, losing more than twice to the far-right National Rally, which received 31.5% of the vote.

Zelenskyy on security agreement with US: We are doing everything to show America's leadership

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine and the United States are preparing a bilateral security agreement that will truly demonstrate American leadership.

"We are preparing new agreements for Ukraine with European partners, in particular with Germany, on additional steps of support," the President said.

He explained that in recent days, attention has been focused on preparing a bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and the United States.

"We are doing everything to show America's leadership. I thank everyone who helps!" Zelenskyy emphasized.

Ukraine has already used US permission to strike at Russia - White House

Ukraine has already taken advantage of the United States' authorization to launch strikes against the Russian Federation, states US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan said that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have already taken advantage of the partial authorization to use American weapons against Russia.

"What I will just say is this, from the President's perspective, this was common sense... When they (the Russians - ed.) were moving from one side of the border directly to the other side of the border, and it simply didn't make sense not to allow the Ukrainians to fire across that border, to hit Russian guns and emplacements that were firing at the Ukrainians," the US presidential adviser said.