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Loud explosions heard in Crimea amid threats of drone attacks

Loud explosions heard in Crimea amid threats of drone attacks Illustrative photo (photo:

Explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Balaklava and Sevastopol. Before this, warnings were issued about the threat of attacks by kamikaze drones, according to the Telegram channels Krymskyi Veter and NP/Sevastopol.

At 23:30 on June 7, local channels, citing sources, reported that drones were spotted over the Azov Sea.

At 1:53 on June 8, Krymskyi Veter, citing subscribers, reported a loud explosion in Balaklava.

Later, information emerged about an explosion heard in all areas of Sevastopol.

Before the explosion, according to the channel's report, sounds of heavy gunfire were heard.

According to a source of Krymskyi Veter, the first explosion occurred near the Balaklava Thermal Power Plant.

The second explosion in Sevastopol was from the sea and was related to a drone attack. "The source reports that some ship got into trouble," the channel's message said.

Later, they clarified that the explosion at sea was in the area of Streletskaya Bay.

The head of the occupation administration of Sevastopol, Rozvozzhaev, reported that an unmanned boat was allegedly destroyed in the area of ​​Streletskaya Bay. According to him, no damage to civilian infrastructure was recorded.

Attack on the Belbek military airfield

During the night of May 15, Russian forces in Sevastopol reported the operation of air defense systems, claiming that Russians had shot down several missiles over the waters and near the Belbek airport.

Later, Krym.Realii published satellite images of a fire in the area of the airport.

According to information from the partisan movement ATESH, the main storage facility for missile and artillery weapons detonated at the airport.