RBC-Ukraine (www.rbc.ua) is an independent Ukrainian news agency covering important events in Ukraine and worldwide.
Our mission is to promptly and accurately inform our readers about the events happening in Ukraine and abroad. We strive to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the most significant and relevant issues that concern our readers.

Our mission is to give the reader not only exhaustive information about what is happening in the country and the world from various angles but also a reason to reflect on the causes and effects of global processes that affect our lives.

All journalists at RBC-Ukraine adhere to the editorial policy and agency’s standards in their work.
RBC-Ukraine standards

RBC-Ukraine is independent of political, economic, and other influential groups. The choice of topics for publication and their importance to the reader entirely depends on the editorial team. The agency does not take any side in conflict situations and adheres to the principle of maximum objectivity.

In the legal aspects of the work, RBC-Ukraine is guided by the norms of Ukrainian legislation, international agreements ratified by Ukraine, and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

The editorial policy of the agency cannot harm the national interests of Ukraine. At the same time, RBC-Ukraine recognizes that the personal positions of officials, deputies, and other individuals representing the state may conflict with the national interests of the country. Respect for democratic values, human rights and freedoms, independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the need to defend against any external aggression are unconditional priorities of the editorial policy.

The editorial policy conforms to the standards accepted in developed countries.

Ethical principles

The editorial team does not support any forms of propaganda of violence and discrimination. In particular, offensive, xenophobic, racist, homophobic, and slanderous statements are not allowed for publication.

Journalists who violate these principles will be held accountable, up to the termination of cooperation.

Fact-checking and sources

The agency publishes truthful information to the extent its accuracy can be determined. Fact-checking, as well as unbiased and objective presentation, is a direct responsibility of RBC-Ukraine journalists. A clear distinction between facts and opinions is a fundamental principle of our work.

When analyzing facts and determining their credibility, the staff uses all available tools and sources. The material undergoes three stages of verification before publication to avoid factual, grammatical, stylistic, and other errors.

Working with anonymous sources

Journalists at RBC-Ukraine are obliged not to disclose the sources of information if they insist on confidentiality. The immediate supervisor has the right to know the source's name in extreme cases, but only if the information remains confidential. These rights and obligations have been repeatedly established by the European Court of Human Rights.

RBC-Ukraine strives to build long-term relationships with its sources, which increases readers’ trust in the published information even if the interviewees remain anonymous. However, information received from verified sources undergoes mandatory verification from other independent sources. Priority is given to sources that can be identified for the readers.

Corrections and changes in materials

The editorial team pays great attention to correcting inaccurate information and allowing all interested parties to present their positions following globally accepted journalistic standards. Correcting and supplementing materials is the responsibility of the author and editor, provided that the need for such intervention is proven.

Information materials that have been edited or changed after publication on the website are marked with a special “updated” label.

RBC-Ukraine strives to promptly correct errors in the materials. To request a correction, please send an email to allnews@rbc.ua or call (044) 593-29-23.

Our authors possess a high level of knowledge in the areas they cover in the materials. At the same time, the agency aims to provide various perspectives on events, issues, and processes. Therefore, the agency may involve experts and opinion leaders in creating content.
RBC-Ukraine experts
The experts and commentators of RBC-Ukraine are always people who have a deep understanding of the subject matter, are knowledgeable about specific processes, and have credibility in their fields. Only comments from people who have knowledge and experience in the relevant topic are used in the materials.
When working on materials, RBC-Ukraine journalists strive to obtain comments only from experienced and reliable experts. This ensures that readers receive information from newsmakers who have a good reputation and expertise in the subject matter.
When dealing with content, RBC-Ukraine editorial team adheres to accuracy, truthfulness, and transparency. All materials are carefully fact-checked before publication to avoid factual errors on the topics being covered. The credibility of the information is supported by appropriate citations from reliable sources and references to them.
RBC-Ukraine aims to provide readers with new and important information as quickly as possible. In case of urgent news alerts, the news is released quickly with a short text, which is then supplemented with further detailed information on the topic.
With the abundance of information resources available on the Internet, and constantly publishing repetitive information, RBC-Ukraine strives to provide readers with new details and important insights on key topics. The journalists examine events from different perspectives, present all points of view, and address questions that readers may have during the analysis of events and processes.
Why you can trust us

RBC-Ukraine adheres to principles of impartiality and independence and provides only verified information from reliable sources.

We do not publish information based on unverified rumors or anonymous sources from other media outlets. Every article includes information about where RBC-Ukraine obtained a particular piece of information.

For comments and more detailed explanations on complex topics, we turn to key government officials, heads of departments, and authoritative experts.

We do not advocate for the interests of any party or corporation, and we are independent of political, economic, and other influence groups. RBC-Ukraine excludes the possibility of propaganda and manipulation of the reader's opinion, does not take sides in conflict situations, and adheres to the principle of maximum objectivity. The choice of topics for publication and their importance for the reader is entirely determined by the editorial team.

RBC-Ukraine content formats
RBC-Ukraine uses several content formats to deliver information to readers.
Prompt information about current events. The main objective of news is to inform readers about ongoing events and provide comprehensive information. It can be a news brief or include additional details on the topic. The news may present only one point of view, and the information source is always specified.

Consolidated/Extended news.
This type of material provides readers with all the available facts about a particular event, including photo and video materials, expert comments, and background information.
Analytical material prepared by a journalist. The author analyzes an event/situation/process, compares facts, and describes possible consequences. Articles always include expert comments.

Expert article.
Material written by an expert in a specific field or sphere for RBC-Ukraine. The article goes through the same stages of topic approval and editing as the materials produced by RBC-Ukraine journalists.
A conversation between a journalist and a newsmaker who, in the opinion of the agency, is relevant and interesting to the reader.

Quick interview.
A shorter version of an interview. It often covers a single current topic and can be conducted either during an unplanned meeting with a newsmaker or when there is a topic that requires immediate coverage.
Columns and opinions
Journalist’s column
Material where an RBC-Ukraine journalist expresses their point of view on a specific event.

An article in which an expert in a particular field presents their perspective on a specific situation or process.

Target audience
RBC-Ukraine publishes content based on accurate and verified information while ensuring maximum accessibility for a wide range of readers. Journalists and editors choose topics based on current events, trends, and information triggers that interest readers at any given moment.
Working with photo and video content
To illustrate publications, RBC-Ukraine uses its photos or items from photo stocks/agencies under editorial subscriptions. Whenever possible, the editorial team supplements materials with relevant photos and videos.
Interaction with advertisers
Materials published on RBC-Ukraine in the Press Releases section are considered ads. Ads may also be labeled as "Special Project", "Partner Material", or "Promo". The advertiser bears responsibility for the accuracy and content of ads. Ads must comply with advertising legislation and the current version of RBC-Ukraine’s advertising policy and standards.
Interaction with readers
RBC-Ukraine values its readers and constantly strives to meet their informational needs. Contacts, including a phone number and email address, are provided on the homepage for readers to reach out to the editorial team.
Certificate of Appreciation to the creative team of the RBC-Ukraine news agency for active participation in covering the activities of fuel and energy enterprises and informing the public about events in the energy sector.
Laureate of the national program “Person of the Year 2011” in the nomination “Internet Media of the Year”.
Honorary Award of the national program “Person of the Year 2008” for many years of fruitful cooperation and professional support in implementing the national program “Person of the Year”.
Certificate of Appreciation for participation in the public project “Healthy Kids” and assistance in the implementation of the charitable initiative aimed at acquiring a bronchoscope for Clinical Hospital No. 17 in Kyiv.
Certificate of Appreciation for support in conducting the First Ukrainian Retail Forum.
Diploma for contribution to the important task of preserving human lives and promoting the profession of a rescuer.
Certificate of Appreciation for active collaboration and coverage of social issues, aimed at cultivating a responsible, tolerant, and kind society, and in recognition of the significant contribution to the socio-humanitarian life of Ukraine, which bolsters the strength of the Ukrainian people.
Participant Diploma of the First Ukrainian Exhibition-Forum “Housing 2007”.
Diploma for II place in the competition “Best Stock Market Journalist 2012” in the category “Best news agency publishing materials on the stock market topic".
Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding professionalism and substantial personal contribution to the organization and for holding the VIII Lviv International Economic Forum.
Honorary Certificate for diligent work and significant contribution to the development of the construction industry of Ukraine, awarded on Builder’s Day.