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Russian ship attacked in Sea of Azov

Russian ship attacked in Sea of Azov Photo: a ship of the Russian Federation was attacked in the Sea of ​​Azov on June 9 Photo: port in Yeysk (

In the Sea of Azov, a Russian ship was reportedly attacked. Russians moved more than 10 vessels from Novorossiysk closer to the port of Yeysk as part of the so-called training, reports the Telegram channel Crimean Wind.

According to Crimean Wind, on June 8 around 16:00, several vessels of "non-civilian nature" were observed on the raid between Berdiansk and Prymorsk (first point on the map).

"At midnight, a Ukrainian UAV attacked a Russian ship near the port of Yeysk (second point on the map), which reportedly set sail to accompany the cruiser Moscow (sunk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on April 13, 2022)," the statement reads.

Russian ship attacked in Sea of Azov

Russian ship attacked in Sea of Azov

What is known about the sunken ship

Initially, Crimean Wind suggested that it might have been a large landing ship (BDK). Later, the Telegram channel clarified that near Yeysk, another ship may have been hit.

Specifically, it is noted that on June 9, a ship measuring 96 meters was observed on the raid near Yeysk. Its length was measured based on satellite imagery, with a margin of error of several meters, as clarified in the Telegram channel.

In addition, they added that large landing ships have lengths of 112 and 113 meters (Project 775 and Project 1171 Tapir). Patrol ships of Project 22160 Vasily Bykov are 94 meters long.

What preceded this

Before this, as clarified by Crimean Wind, during the so-called "exercises," the Black Sea Fleet transferred a number of ships from Novorossiysk to the Sea of Azov. This included a considerable quantity:

  • two patrol ships of Project 22160;
  • two small missile ships (MRK) of Project Buyan-M;
  • two submarines of Project 636.3 Varshavyanka;
  • one large landing ship (BDK) of Project Ivan Gren;
  • all landing ships (BDK) of Project 775;
  • one landing ship (BDK) of Project 1171 Tapir;
  • one minesweeper of Project Alexandrite;
  • two minesweepers of Project 266-M Aquamarine.

On the night of June 6, another Russian vessel was destroyed in the waters of the Black Sea off Crimea. This operation was carried out by special units of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence.