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Partisans find equipment warehouse in Tolyatti for transfer to Kharkiv front

Partisans find equipment warehouse in Tolyatti for transfer to Kharkiv front Photo: partisans found a warehouse of equipment in Tolyatti to transfer to the Kharkiv direction (Getty Images)

Partisans have discovered a warehouse of Russian equipment intended for transfer to the Kharkiv front. It is located at a military unit in Tolyatti, according to the partisan movement's Telegram channel Atesh.

"An agent from our movement within the Russian Armed Forces discovered equipment at the training ground in Tolyatti, which the occupiers are preparing to send to Ukraine's Kharkiv front," the message reads.

It is reported that the training ground hosts dozens of self-propelled artillery, trucks, and tanks.

"Our agent is conducting comprehensive reconnaissance of this military unit, studying the placement of air defense systems and obtaining necessary documents," the partisans specified.

Situation in Kharkiv region

Since May 10, Russian forces have opened a new front in the Kharkiv region, again advancing in the border areas. This comes despite part of the Kharkiv region being reclaimed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the fall of 2022, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February that year.

Currently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have managed to stabilize the situation. Though the occupiers relentlessly attack the region's border areas, advancing in the Vovchansk direction and near the village of Lyptsi.

Additionally, just yesterday, during his evening video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Russia failed to implement its operation to advance in the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian forces will further strengthen the Kharkiv direction.