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U.S. troops wounded in attack on Iraqi base - Reuters

U.S. troops wounded in attack on Iraqi base - Reuters U.S. troops wounded in attack on Iraqi base (photo: Getty Images)

American servicemen were lightly injured and an Iraqi security officer was seriously wounded in an attack on the Iraqi Ain al-Asad air base, according to Reuters.

An anonymous source said that initial reports indicated that the base had been hit by ballistic missiles, but that the assessment was ongoing, according to the anonymous official.

According to the newspaper, since the war between Israel and Hamas began in October, the U.S. military has been attacked at least 58 times in Iraq and 83 times in Syria by Iranian-backed militants, usually with the use of one-way missiles and drones.

Yemeni Houthis' attacks and the West's response

Since November 2023, the Yemeni Houthis have periodically attacked merchant ships in the Red Sea using drones, as well as ballistic or cruise missiles. The first attacks occurred after the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Already on January 12, the United States and Britain retaliated by firing missiles at Houthi military targets in Yemen. However, the group's militants continued to attack ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

On January 17, the United States added the Houthis to the list of global terrorist organizations and the next day carried out further strikes on their targets.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced his intention to continue strikes on Houthi military targets in Yemen in the event of further attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

Iran's attacks

Recently, the "Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps" launched a series of strikes on the city of Erbil, which is the capital of the Kurdistan region in Iraq. The strikes hit eight facilities near the U.S. Consulate.

Meanwhile, on the night of January 15-16, the "Guard Corps" attacked "anti-Iranian" targets in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan with ballistic missiles and drones. Pakistan declared the actions illegal and claimed that two children were killed in the strike.

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