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Shelling of Belgorod and Russian strike on Kharkiv - Weekend brief

Shelling of Belgorod and Russian strike on Kharkiv - Weekend brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

Russian occupiers struck at Kharkiv, damaging the Kharkiv Palace hotel and injuring more than 25 people. Meanwhile, the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on military facilities in Belgorod.

More details on what happened over the weekend can be found in the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Russia's war against Ukraine

News for December 30:

News for December 31:

Strikes on Kharkiv

Russian Federation once again struck Kharkiv on the evening of Saturday, December 30. Residential buildings and a hotel in the city were damaged.

On the evening of December 30, Russians launched missile strikes targeting the center of Kharkiv. The Kharkiv Palace Hotel and a residential building were damaged, with casualties including a foreign journalist and a child.

After the missile terror, the occupiers also attacked Kharkiv with Shaheds. There were hits in the city center. Police said that 28 people were injured in two waves of shelling in Kharkiv. Among them are two children aged 14 and 16 and a foreigner.

It is also known that journalists of the German TV channel ZDF were injured due to a strike on a hotel in Kharkiv.

Shelling of Belgorod city center in Russia: Photos, videos

In Belgorod, Russian Federation, on December 30, strikes have been recorded in the city center. There are reports of casualties, as well as hits in the residential sector.

Presumably, the city was subjected to shelling both by rockets and drones. In the meantime, the city authorities accused the Ukrainian military of the attacks.

According to the local authorities, in Belgorod, more than 40 buildings and 60 vehicles have been damaged.

There is information about supposedly 10 fatalities, including one child. Allegedly, 45 civilians were also affected, among them 4 children.

At the same time, the Russian military reported supposedly successful work of air defense systems and claim to be shooting down drones and missiles with the onboard equipment of their ships and technology.

IDF opened fire on UN convoy: Military claims it was misunderstanding

Israeli military in the Gaza Strip opened fire on a UN humanitarian aid convoy. The IDF reported that soldiers fired warning shots because they were unaware that vehicles were supposed to pass by them, according to The Times of Israel.

Referring to the investigation results into the incident on Friday, the IDF press service asserts that after the UN humanitarian convoy finished delivering aid to storage facilities in the northern Gaza Strip, the military requested it to move south using a different route.

The IDF stated that the soldiers in the area were unaware of the change in the route, and "as a result, when the vehicles arrived, the troops on the ground acted to stop [the convoy] in a procedure that included a warning shot that was not aimed at the vehicles."

Financial Times predictions for world in 2024

Next year, American President Joe Biden may win the presidential elections, while Ukraine's allies are expected to continue providing support, according to the predictions of the Financial Times.

The FT writers made predictions about unexpected events in the coming year. Financial Times suggested that Biden will win the upcoming elections in the United States, and allies will continue to assist Ukraine.

Houthis attacked merchant ship in Red Sea: U.S. responded

The militarized group of Houthi rebels from Yemen attacked a civilian trade ship in the Red Sea. In response, the U.S. military struck back, according to Bloomberg and the U.S. Central Command on X.

Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked the container ship Maersk Hangzhou under the flag of Singapore, owned by Denmark. The vessel requested assistance from the U.S. military.

Earlier, the U.S. claimed to have intercepted two anti-ship ballistic missiles launched by the Houthis after the container ship sought help. Maersk Hangzhou reported the missile impact on Saturday, December 30.

Following this, four small boats arrived from Yemen, approached the container ship, and the Houthis attempted to board it, firing at the crew with small arms. The security team on the trade ship opened fire in response.