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Russian A-50 downing and discussion of peace formula in Davos - Weekend brief

Russian A-50 downing and discussion of peace formula in Davos - Weekend brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

The Ukrainian military shot down a Russian A-50 and shot down an IL-22 over the Sea of Azov. Meanwhile, a forum was held in Davos to discuss pressing issues regarding Ukraine, including the peace formula discussion.

More details on what happened over the weekend can be found in the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Russia's war against Ukraine

News for January 13:

News for January 14:

Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down Russian A-50 aircraft over Azov Sea

Sources in the Defense Forces told RBC-Ukraine that the Ukrainian military shot down a Russian A-50 aircraft over the Azov Sea waters and downed an L-22M11 yesterday evening, January 14.

According to information from sources within the Ukrainian Defense Forces, it has been revealed that a military aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, A-50, was shot down, and an IL-22M11 with registration number 75106 was damaged.

Reportedly, the A-50 aircraft was downed immediately upon entering the patrol zone near Kyrylivka around 21:10-21:15 on January 14. The A-50 disappeared from radars and ceased responding to tactical aviation requests. Subsequently, the pilot of a Russian Su-30 aircraft detected a fire and the descent of an unidentified airborne vehicle.

The IL-22M11 aircraft was on patrol in the Strilkove area and was eventually shot down along the coast of the Azov Sea at around 21:00 on January 14. After being hit, the aircraft intended to make an emergency landing in Anapa, requesting evacuation and calling for ambulance and firefighting services.

Peace formula talks: Fourth meeting of national security advisers in Davos

The fourth meeting of security advisers on the Ukrainian Peace Formula took place in Davos. Representatives from 81 countries and an international organization participated, according to the Telegram channel of the Head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak.

Representatives in Davos were delegated from:

  • 39 European countries
  • 18 Asian countries
  • 12 African countries
  • 6 South American countries
  • 3 North American countries
  • 2 Oceanian countries

As noted by Yermak, the continuous increase in the number of countries participating in the development of a joint action plan on the Peace Formula is a positive sign. Increasingly, countries from the Global South regions are actively joining the efforts.

Poland launches aircraft amid Ukraine shelling

On January 13, Poland deployed its aviation into the sky. This occurred against the backdrop of missile shelling of Ukraine by the Russian army, according to the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Poland on Twitter.

As noted, the aviation of Poland and its allies was mobilized due to "increased activity of the Russian Federation's long-range aviation, associated with intentions to strike Ukrainian territory."

Residents of Poland, especially in the southeast, were warned of an increase in noise levels.

Almost three hours later, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces reported that aviation had returned to standard operations amid reduced threats.

Ombudsman revealed how many children returned from Russia, called on world to help

The countries of the world should urgently join in solving the issue of returning all Ukrainians home, stated Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets.

"It was an honor to moderate the panel "Humanitarian dimension of the Ukrainian peace formula: the struggle for the return of victims of forced displacement, including deported children and prisoners of war" at the fourth meeting of the advisors on the implementation of the Peace Formula in Davos," the ombudsman said.

In his speech, Lubinets emphasized that there are currently 517 children and 2,828 adults at home, including only 150 civilians.

"And our task is to return everyone! Therefore, the international community should immediately consolidate its efforts in this direction," he said.

Ukraine starts negotiations with Romania on security guarantees

Ukraine has started negotiations with Romania on a security guarantee agreement. The meeting was held in Davos, Switzerland, reported the Ukrainian President's Office.

On the sidelines of the fourth meeting of national security advisors and political advisors to the leaders of the states on the Peace Formula, the Ukrainian side began bilateral talks with Romania on concluding a bilateral security agreement.

The talks in Davos were held with the participation of the Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak and the State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Iulian Fota. The talks were held pursuant to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's instruction within the framework of the G7 Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine.

Romania became the 9th country to start bilateral security talks with Ukraine.

Trump takes the lead ahead of U.S. primaries

According to a national poll conducted in Iowa, Trump is particularly highly regarded by Republicans and Republican independents on three measures: best chance of winning in November, strongest leader, and most qualified candidate for the party.

Trump also outperforms his Republican opponents, but by a smaller margin, on two other measures: empathy and shared values. Seven out of ten Republicans have a positive view of Trump.

Overall, 72% of Republican-leaning adults would be satisfied with Trump's nomination, up from 75% in May. 61% would be satisfied with Ron DeSantis. Other candidates scored lower: Nikki Haley - 48%; Vivek Ramasavamy - 44%; Chris Christie (who withdrew his candidacy) - 23%; Asa Hutchinson - 17%.

Compared to Trump on the Republican side, significantly fewer Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents would be satisfied with their party's nomination of Biden (57%), reflecting his overall weak ratings on issues such as the economy and immigration.