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Peace formula talks: Fourth meeting of national security advisers in Davos

Peace formula talks: Fourth meeting of national security advisers in Davos Photo: Andriy Yermak, head of the President's Office (

The fourth meeting of security advisers on the Ukrainian Peace Formula took place in Davos. Representatives from 81 countries and an international organization participated, according to the Telegram channel of the Head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak.

Representatives in Davos were delegated from:

  • 39 European countries
  • 18 Asian countries
  • 12 African countries
  • 6 South American countries
  • 3 North American countries
  • 2 Oceanian countries

As noted by Yermak, the continuous increase in the number of countries participating in the development of a joint action plan on the Peace Formula is a positive sign. Increasingly, countries from the Global South regions are actively joining the efforts.

Opening of the national security advisors meeting

The Head of the President's Office discussed the consequences of Russia's recent terrorist attacks on Ukrainian cities, resulting in civilian casualties and the destruction of civilian infrastructure.

Yermak emphasized that a ceasefire would not mark the end of Russian aggression but would merely provide the enemy with an opportunity to pause and accumulate strength.

"This is certainly not the path to peace. Russians do not want peace. They want dominance. So, the choice is simple: either we lose and disappear, or we win and live on. And we are fighting," explained Yermak.

Over the two years of full-scale war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated more than 50% of the occupied territories. Despite having modest naval forces, they managed to destroy a fifth of the potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and secure the Black Sea.

Without restoring international law and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, any aggressor in the future may dare to occupy the territory of another country.

"The peace that Ukraine seeks must guarantee its survival, integrity, sovereignty, and the opportunity for development. It must prevent the recurrence of aggression. Together, we have created a comprehensive structure to achieve such peace. Its elements are closely interconnected. And this is the only way," added the Head of the President's Office.


During the meeting, the first five points of the Ukrainian Peace Formula were discussed, namely:

  • Nuclear security;
  • Food security and energy security;
  • Release of prisoners and deported individuals, including children;
  • Restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Additionally, in Davos, the following five points are planned to be addressed:

  • Withdrawal of Russian forces;
  • Restoration of justice;
  • Environmental security;
  • Prevention of escalation and war recurrence;
  • Confirmation of the end of the war.

National security advisors also plan to coordinate the format for the Global Peace Summit.

"A platform is needed to document specific parts of our comprehensive plan. To move forward, an agreement on the format of the Founding Summit for Peace is required. I hope we can find an acceptable option. This will allow us to develop detailed roadmaps for each point of the Formula. Leading countries in respective Formula directions could host thematic conferences to finalize the implementation algorithms," noted Yermak.

Davos Forum: President Zelenskyys visit confirmed

Media reports suggested that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy might attend the International Economic Forum in Switzerland. The Ukrainian President is expected to visit the Swiss capital, Bern, and the trip is anticipated to last at least two days.

Later, Børge Brende, the President of the World Economic Forum, confirmed Zelenskyy's visit. It was also revealed that the Ukrainian leader would address the forum with a special statement.