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Partisans exposed Russian defense system on eastern coast of occupied Crimea

Partisans exposed Russian defense system on eastern coast of occupied Crimea Photo: partisans discovered a dense Russian defense system in eastern Crimea (Getty Images)

Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar partisan groups ATESH have discovered a comprehensive defense system of Russian invaders in the northeastern part of Crimea, according to the ATESH movement on Telegram.

Reconnaissance teams have found that along Yarylgach Bay, a system of fortifications has been set up. The beach is teeming with military personnel - every 100 meters on it, there are posts, barbed wire is installed along the coastline, fire positions are equipped, and dragon's teeth are installed.

"One of the agents of the movement traced the military vehicle and found that the military had settled in an abandoned building on the seashore. The territory is fenced with barbed wire and concrete blocks. Coordinates of the building: 45.65286073145, 32.96674019258," the message says.

Activity of partisans in temporarily occupied Crimea

Ukrainian partisans regularly conduct raids on the objects of Russian occupiers in Crimea. Recently, partisans discovered the positions of the occupiers near Yevpatoriya. A whole platoon of the Russian Federation was stationed there with a serious trench system.

In addition, partisans conducted reconnaissance and identified the new headquarters of the 22nd Army Corps of the Russian Federation in Simferopol. According to available information, there is an increase in military presence, and the object is being camouflaged.

Partisans also organized a raid to the training camp of Russian occupiers in Crimea.