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Poland launches aircraft amid Ukraine shelling

Poland launches aircraft amid Ukraine shelling Photo: Poland raised aircraft in the air during the shelling of Ukraine (Getty Images)

Today, on January 13, Poland deployed its aviation into the sky. This occurred against the backdrop of missile shelling of Ukraine by the Russian army, according to the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Poland on Twitter.

As noted, the aviation of Poland and its allies was mobilized due to "increased activity of the Russian Federation's long-range aviation, associated with intentions to strike Ukrainian territory."

Residents of Poland, especially in the southeast, were warned of an increase in noise levels.

Almost three hours later, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces reported that aviation had returned to standard operations amid reduced threats.

"The Polish Army is constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine and remains in a state of readiness to ensure the security of Polish airspace," the statement said.

Ukraine shelled on January 13

This morning, Russian occupiers launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine using various types of missiles. The Air Force reported detecting 40 aerial attacks, with the anti-aircraft forces successfully intercepting 8 missiles, preventing over 20 from reaching their targets.

For more information on today's widespread attack, refer to this material.

It's worth recalling that during the massive shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russia on December 29, an unidentified object violated Poland's airspace. Later, it was revealed to be a Russian missile.

In response to the incident, Polish President Andrzej Duda convened an emergency meeting with military officials.

According to the commander of the Polish Armed Forces' Operational Forces, Major General Maciej Klisz, the missile was in Poland's airspace for approximately 3 minutes.