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Explosions in Russian Kursk on August 20: Details

Explosions in Russian Kursk on August 20: Details Explosions in Russian Kursk (Photo: Russian media)

In the Russian city of Kursk, an explosion occurred at a train station on the night of August 20, reportedly caused by a drone attack. Additionally, in the Moscow region, unidentified drones were spotted, leading to the temporary closure of airports in Domodedovo and Vnukovo due to the risk of drone attacks, according to Roman Starovoit, governor of the Kursk region.

The incident resulted in a fire, with emergency services working at the scene.

At least five individuals were reported injured. As usual, Russian authorities have accused Ukraine of carrying out the attack.

An attack by a Ukrainian drone in Kursk. According to preliminary information, it hit the roof of the train station building, leading to a fire on the roof. Five people sustained minor injuries from glass fragments," stated Governor Roman Starovoit.

Furthermore, videos from the scene of the incident in Kursk were shared on social media.

Situation in the Moscow region

Additionally, in the Moscow region, airports Domodedovo and Vnukovoreportedly implemented the "Kover" ("Carpet") plan due to the threat of drone attacks, temporarily halting departing and arriving flights.

This plan is usually enacted in cases where unknown or dangerous objects are detected in the sky.

Air defense system operation in Moscow

Later, the Moscow city administration clarified the temporary airport closures, attributing them to the work of air defense systems to counter unknown drones.

According to the mayor of the aggressor country's capital, Sergei Sobyanin, an attempt to fly a drone towards Moscow from the south direction was made overnight, and the drone was allegedly neutralized by air defense forces.

Reaction from the Russian Ministry of Defense

The Russian Ministry of Defense later announced the "cessation of an attempt" to carry out an attack by drone or aircraft type on objects within the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region. This occurred on August 20 around 04:00 local time. Drones flights in Russia typically lead to accusations against Ukraine.

"An unmanned aerial vehicle was detected by EW (Electronic Warfare) means, which was flying over the territory of the Stupinsky district of the Moscow region towards the city of Moscow," the statement said.

The authorities explained that the drone was "neutralized" using electronic countermeasures, after which it "crashed in an uninhabited area" with no casualties or damage.

Explosions in Russia

In recent weeks, explosions have become more frequent in various cities and regions of Russia. Russians have increasingly reported "drone attacks."

For instance, on August 19, an attack on a military airfield in the Novgorod region was reported in Russia.

Earlier, on August 16, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed an alleged drone attack in the Kaluga region.

Previously, on August 14, a loud explosion occurred in the Russian Belgorod region. Russian authorities claim this to be the result of the air defense system's work. On August 13, there were reports of a supposed drone attack in Belgorod. A residential building was partially damaged in the city. On August 12, residents of two settlements in the Belgorod region heard explosions and gunfire.

Additionally, one of the largest attacks in Moscow occurred on the night of July 30. Unknown drones targeted the business center of the Russian capital, "Moscow City." The drones hit the so-called "government tower," which houses offices of three Russian ministries: the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Communications.