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Britain creates police department to counter threats from RF and China

Britain creates police department to counter threats from RF and China Photo: Britain has created a police department to counter threats from the Russian Federation and China (Getty Images)

The British police have established a new specialized unit to counter threats from Russia, China, and Iran. In the future, the list of countries may expand. This was announced by Assistant Commissioner of Police Matt Jukes, according to Sky News.

"We will be the most open part of the British security community, strengthening our response to hostile actions by these states," he said.

It is reported that the new specialized unit will utilize new powers provided by the law.

According to him, the British police are deeply concerned about the risks of influence from various countries on national elections, which may take place this year.

The Assistant Commissioner also stated that the evidence and perceptions of his officers indicate that the challenge posed by hostile states is now greater than ever since the Cold War.

Support for Ukraine from Britain

From the early days of the full-scale war, Britain has been assisting Ukraine with weaponry, humanitarian aid, and the training of Ukrainian military personnel.

Earlier, Cameron stated that the U.S. refusal to support new financing for Ukraine would only please Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The British Prime Minister also declared that Britain would not reduce assistance to Ukraine in 2024; on the contrary, it may maintain or even increase it.

UK Secretary of State for Defence, Grant Shapps, also urged the West not to allow Ukraine to be defeated in the war with Russia, as the world faces an era of dictators and autocracy.