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Zaporizhzhia NPP survives eighth blackout, Germany donates new aid to Ukraine: Weekend brief

Zaporizhzhia NPP survives eighth blackout, Germany donates new aid to Ukraine: Weekend brief Photo: Collage by RBC-Ukraine

This weekend, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant experienced 8 complete blackouts, and Germany provided Ukraine with a new package of military assistance.

More details on what happened over the weekend can be found in the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Russia's war against Ukraine

News for December 2:

News for December 3:

Zaporizhzhia NPP faces nighttime blackout: Radiation safety concerns raise

Previously, in Energoatom, it was emphasized that since the beginning of the occupation, there have already been 7 full blackouts at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Such incidents can pose a threat to nuclear and radiation safety not only for Ukraine but also for other countries.

The eighth full blackout occurred at the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant on December 2.

Germany delivers new aid package to Ukraine

Germany has become one of the countries helping Ukraine by providing military, political, and financial support.

On Saturday, December 2, Germany handed Ukraine a new package of military aid. It included various types of vehicles, projectiles, and anti-drone systems.

Russians shot Ukrainian captives

On Saturday, December 2, a video appeared online showing two Ukrainian military personnel surrendering. A group of Russian occupiers shot unarmed servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This incident took place in the Avdiivka direction.

Human Rights Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said he would appeal to the Red Cross and the UN. The Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed that Russian terrorists shot two unarmed Ukrainian defenders.

The Prosecutor General's Office initiated an investigation into the shooting of two Ukrainian military personnel by Russian occupiers in the Donetsk region. The tragedy occurred in the village of Stepove in the Pokrovsk district of the Donetsk region.

U.S. aid to Ukraine: Congress may approve new package by year end

The military aid package for Ukraine and Israel may be finally approved by the U.S. Congress by the end of the year, stated Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford.

The Biden administration has proposed to allocate tens of billions of dollars to Israel and Ukraine to fight their respective wars, as well as $14 billion for border security.

Russians deported another 100 Ukrainians on December 3

According to the National Resistance Center, within just one month, Russians deported a hundred Ukrainians from the occupied part of the Kherson region. Deportation is carried out under the guise of "evacuation."

However, the lists of "evacuation" consist of residents of the occupied territories whom Russians suspect of disloyalty.

Checkpoint for empty trucks to open on Ukraine-Poland border

A checkpoint for empty trucks leaving Ukraine will be operational at the Ukrainian-Polish border. According to the post of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in Telegram and the statement of the Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov on Facebook, It is the checkpoint Uhryniv-Dołhobyczów.

Russia attempts to sow discord in Moldova again: ISW reveals details

Russia is once again attempting to destabilize Moldova to create discord, with the Kremlin's aim to divert international attention from the ongoing war in Ukraine, reports the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts highlight that on November 30, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a threat to Moldova, suggesting a "repetition of the fate of Ukraine."