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Shelling of Kherson on December 3: 7 injured and 2 fatalities

Shelling of Kherson on December 3: 7 injured and 2 fatalities Photo: Russia shelled Kherson (Getty Images)

Russian occupiers today shelled territories on the right bank of the Kherson region. As a result of the enemy attack, 7 people have already been affected, and two have tragically lost their lives, according to the head of the Kherson City Military Administration Roman Mrochko, the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Prokudin, and the head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak.

"Russian terrorists shelled Kherson, hitting a residential building. A conscious war against civilians by Russians. The world must remember that Russia is a state-terrorist," emphasized Yermak.

Photo: Russia shelled Kherson (

According to Mrochko, as of now, in the territorial community of Kherson City, two people have died and seven have been injured due to shelling by Russian occupation forces.

"All the injured are currently hospitalized, receiving medical assistance," he emphasized.

In turn, Prokudin stated that Russian occupiers targeted residential buildings, hitting a house and the surrounding area, including the territory of two hospitals.

"At a bus stop near a multi-story building, an elderly woman was killed. Her identity is being established. Injuries were sustained by 28 and 46-year-old men, 35, 42, 52-year-old women, and two 47-year-old city residents," reported the head of the regional military administration.

Shelling of Kherson

Today Russian terrorists also shelled the town of Sadove in the Kherson region using mortars. As a result of the shelling, a man was killed.

Shelling in the Kherson region

RBC-Ukraine reported on how terrorists recently targeted the village of Tiahynka in the Kherson region, resulting in the death of another civilian.