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US aid to Ukraine: Date of vote in Congress is set, what it means

US aid to Ukraine: Date of vote in Congress is set, what it means Photo: Mike Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives (Getty Images)

The House of Representatives in the USA could approve funding for assistance to Ukraine as part of Speaker Mike Johnson's initiative as early as this week. However, this is not the only issue that congressmen will be considering.

RBC-Ukraine explains when and what the House of Representatives will be voting on.

The material was prepared using statements from Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, the schedule of the US Senate, and previous materials from RBC-Ukraine.


When Congress will vote

As Johnson announced in his letter to congressmen, the text of which was published by American journalists, the US House of Representatives is set to vote on bills regarding assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, as well as on US national security issues, this Saturday - April 20.

According to Johnson's letter, the contents of the bills included in the Speaker's initiative will be released on Wednesday, April 17.

If Johnson's bills receive the necessary support in the House of Representatives, they will be sent to the Senate for consideration. The timing of when the Senate will convene is currently unknown, but according to its schedule, senators will be on recess from April 22 to April 26. Therefore, the vote could take place either before Monday or after the senators return from recess.

What Johnson proposes

On Monday, April 15, it became known that Speaker Johnson announced the consideration of his own initiative in Congress regarding assistance to Ukraine and Israel, in contrast to the united bill approved by the US Senate back in February.

It was expected that Johnson would propose four separate bills - regarding Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and also issues of US national security. The latter is likely to include provisions such as a ban on TikTok, provisions for the use of confiscated Russian assets to aid Ukraine, a lend-lease act for military assistance, as well as credits for humanitarian aid.

Initially, there was also information that Johnson's initiative would not address the issue of the US-Mexico border, through which the consideration of aid to Ukraine in Congress hit a deadlock. However, today in a letter to congressmen, Johnson announced a separate bill regarding the strengthening of the American border.

Will there be support in Congress

As of yesterday, April 16, both the Democratic Party and the White House issued positive signals regarding Speaker Johnson's initiative. White House representative John Kirby stated that "at first blush" the Speaker's initiative aligns with the views of the US presidential administration.

Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives also hinted at potential support for Johnson's initiative, but on the condition that his bills incorporate key provisions from the document previously approved by the Senate.

Meanwhile, Johnson's Republican colleagues from the so-called Trumpist wing were critical of his initiative. However, bringing the issue of the American border to Congress for consideration may help Johnson garner support from Trumpists and also avoid the threat of resignation.

US President John Biden wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal, urging Congress to approve assistance to Ukraine and Israel as soon as possible.

More about Johnson's initiative and its chances of passing Congress can be found in the material by RBC-Ukraine.