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'This is pivotal moment': Biden called on Congress to aid Ukraine and Israel

'This is pivotal moment': Biden called on Congress to aid Ukraine and Israel Archive photo: US President Joe Biden (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Ukraine and Israel are in need of assistance from the United States as both countries face attacks from their adversaries. The situation has reached a critical juncture, stated US President Joe Biden.

The President of the United States reminded that over the weekend, Iran made an unprecedented attack on Israel, using a barrage of rockets and drones. Meanwhile, Russia continues its bombardment of Ukraine, which has intensified recently.

"Both Ukraine and Israel defended themselves against these attacks, holding the line and protecting their citizens. And both did it with critical help from the US," Biden wrote.

According to the President of the United States, now is not the time to abandon friends, so the House of Representatives must pass urgent legislation to provide assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

Pivotal moment

Biden reminded that Ukrainian military forces have managed to retake more than half of the territories seized by Russia following the invasion of 2022, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces have struck blows against the Russian fleet, securing significant victories in the Black Sea.

Additionally, the US President discussed the development of Ukrainian innovative weaponry, particularly drones, which are necessary for countering Russian forces.

In turn, the Israeli military possesses the technologies and training to defend the country from an attack of unprecedented scale and brutality.

"But while both countries can capably defend their own sovereignty, they depend on American assistance, including weaponry, to do it. And this is a pivotal moment," emphasized the President of the United States.

Putin wants a new Russian empire

Biden pointed out that dictator Vladimir Putin is intensifying the offensive in Ukraine, with assistance from China, supplying Russia with microelectronics and other equipment for defense production. Additionally, Putin is aided by Iran with drone deliveries and North Korea, which sends artillery and ballistic missiles to Russian forces.

The President of the United States added that Ukraine, facing a shortage of ammunition, is losing control over territory already recaptured.

Biden wrote, "Mr. Putin wants to subjugate the people of Ukraine and absorb their nation into a new Russian empire." He is convinced that the United States should never accept such an outcome, as the country defends its friends and America's security is at stake.

Military assistance from the US will help the domestic market

Biden is confident that if Russia wins in Ukraine, the occupiers' forces will come closer to NATO borders. Therefore, it is important to stop Putin now so that he does not attempt to attack US allies in the North Atlantic Alliance.

The President is convinced that the US could be drawn into a situation with Israel if Iran succeeds in intensifying its attacks.

"If Congress passes military aid for Ukraine and Israel, we won’t write blank checks. We’d send military equipment from our own stockpiles, then use the money authorized by Congress to replenish those stockpiles—by buying from American suppliers," noted the US President.

He listed Patriot missile systems made in Arizona, Javelin missiles manufactured in Alabama, and artillery shells produced in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas.

In this way, the US will invest in America's industrial base, purchase American-made products, made by American workers, support jobs in nearly 40 states, and strengthen our own national security.

"We’d help our friends while helping ourselves," Biden concluded.

Problems with aid to Ukraine from the USA

President Biden requested assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan from Congress last fall, but it has not been approved since then. This is due to the stance of some members of the Republican Party.

Later, the US Senate managed to pass a bill providing assistance to Ukraine, but House Speaker Mike Johnson did not bring it to a vote.

Yesterday, The Hill reported that Johnson introduced four separate bills on funding US assistance to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, as well as other national security priorities.

What Johnson proposes and the likelihood of support for his idea in Congress is discussed in the material by RBC-Ukraine.