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Mike Johnson presented 4 plans for US aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

Mike Johnson presented 4 plans for US aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan Mike Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives (photo: Getty Images)

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has introduced four separate bills regarding US funding for aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, as well as other national security priorities, reports The Hill.

It is noted that Johnson unveiled his plan for foreign aid delivery through the House of Representatives during a closed-door conference of the Republican Party on Monday.

This comes after several months of postponement of any decisions on the matter.

According to two Republican lawmakers at the meeting, the plan involves bundling the four bills under one procedural rule that would allow for the amendment process.

The Hill stated that, according to one Republican lawmaker, the fourth bill related to national security will include:

  • a ban on TikTok,
  • a provision allowing the US to use confiscated Russian assets to aid Ukraine,
  • a lend-lease act for military aid,
  • and converted loans to facilitate humanitarian aid.

However, it is noted that the current plan does not include any provisions regarding the border with Mexico, as stated by Republican representative Kevin Hern. This omission may draw criticism from hardline conservatives who argue that any aid to Ukraine should be coupled with legislation addressing the situation on the southern border.

Questions regarding US aid to Ukraine

The US has practically not been providing military aid to Ukraine for several months. Congress has been unable to allocate funding for this purpose.

Back in February, the US Senate passed a bill that would allocate around $60 billion in aid to Ukraine. However, it did not pass the House of Representatives.

House Speaker Mike Johnson refuses to bring the bill up for consideration, as he wants amendments to be made to it. In particular, he is considering the possibility of assisting Ukraine in the form of a loan.

Earlier, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner stated that he expects the bill to be considered this week. He believes that the bill will receive overwhelming support from lawmakers.