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US House of Representatives to consider aid to Ukraine this week - Congressman

US House of Representatives to consider aid to Ukraine this week - Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

This week, the US House of Representatives will consider funding to help Ukraine in its war with Russia. It is expected that this issue will receive overwhelming support from congressmen, says Republican Mike Turner, Chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee.

"Russia is starting to gain ground. Ukraine is beginning to lose its ability to defend itself. The United States must step up and provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs. And I think this week we will see overwhelming support for this in the House of Representatives," the congressman said in an interview with NBC News.

At the same time, commenting on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's position on helping Ukraine, Turner noted that everyone in the United States is "very close to understanding" that the situation is at a critical point.

However, Turner did not specify which version of the bill would be considered by the House of Representatives - the one approved by the Senate or perhaps some other Republican initiative.

US assistance to Ukraine

The United States has run out of money to fund assistance to Ukraine, and the issue of allocating new funds has been under consideration by Congress since last fall. The issue moved forward in February, when the Senate approved a bill that provides funds to help Ukraine, Israel, and other U.S. partners.

The bill provides more than $60 billion for Ukraine.

However, the House of Representatives has not yet considered the document supported by the Senate. House Speaker Mike Johnson refused to put the bill to a vote. In particular, because of the position of Donald Trump, who has a significant influence on the Republican Party.

The other day, after a meeting with Johnson, Trump said that he was not against American aid to Ukraine. But, according to him, it should not be a "gift." In this way, Trump supported the idea of helping Ukraine on credit, which was advocated by the Republican Party.