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Ukraine to boost missile and equipment production in 2024, MoD states

Ukraine to boost missile and equipment production in 2024, MoD states The mock-up of the Ukrainian missile Koral at the arms exhibition (Photo: VoidWanderer /
Author: Daria Shekina

In Ukraine, there are plans to significantly increase the production of various types of weaponry next year. The main focus will be on air defense systems, according to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

This concerns a wide range of air defense systems: from regular portable anti-aircraft missile systems to systems with a range of over 100 kilometers, such as the Koral SAM, explains the defense department.

Deputy Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk states that jointly with the Ministry of Strategic Industries, the Ministry of Defense aims to increase the production of missiles, ammunition, weaponry, and military equipment several times in 2024.

He highlights that the approved budget for the next year includes an allocation of around 175 billion hryvnias for the purchase of missiles and ammunition.

This will enable the Armed Forces of Ukraine to "effectively counter Russian aggression," emphasizes the Ministry of Defense representative.

The department notes that the priorities for 2024 will include strengthening Ukraine's air defense shield and developing the domestic defense-industrial complex.

Arms production in Ukraine

It is worth noting that Ukraine already produces long-range weaponry. In particular, domestic specialists have successfully developed a new version of long-range Neptune missiles used for ground strikes.

Additionally, Ukraine recently announced the commencement of serial production of drones, which are a kind of equivalent to the Iranian Shahed strike drones but with superior characteristics.

Moreover, earlier in the summer, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Committee on National Security, Defense, and Intelligence Yehor Cherniev mentioned that Ukraine increased shell production every month to be more self-reliant in ammunition supply. According to him, efforts were underway to produce 155mm NATO standard shells.

In October, Minister of Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamishin announced a significant increase in domestic production within the defense industry in the next six months.

Also, it's worth recalling that on August 31, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy mentioned that Ukrainian long-range weapons successfully hit a target at a distance of 700 kilometers. And recently, the head of state stated that Ukrainian specialists were developing long-range weaponry to use in the war against Russian occupiers.