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U.S negotiates with Greece to purchase artillery shells for Ukraine

U.S negotiates with Greece to purchase artillery shells for Ukraine The USA is negotiating with Greece for the purchase of artillery shells for Ukraine (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The United States is discussing with Greece the possibility of selling 75,000 artillery shells from the country's Armed Forces reserves. The negotiations are part of Washington's efforts to replenish ammunition supplies for Ukraine, which is facing widespread military aggression from Russia, reports Ekathimerini.

The agreed total price set by Athens is $47 million.

The anticipated purchase by the United States includes:

  • 50,000 Greek shells of 105mm caliber,
  • 20,000 shells of 155mm caliber,
  • 5,000 larger shells of 203mm caliber.

According to Greek reports, negotiations are in their final stages.

Earlier in August, Greek media reported that the Hellenic Defence Systems company was in talks with international ammunition manufacturers to participate in a program to produce 155mm caliber shells to support Ukraine and replenish EU stocks.

Shells for Ukraine

Recall that at the end of last winter, it became known that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were facing a shortage of artillery shells. Therefore, in early May, the EU Council adopted a decision to assist Ukraine with a one-billion-euro aid package for joint purchases of ammunition and missiles. It was planned that European countries would provide Ukraine with a million shells.

Later, Bloomberg reported that the EU was falling behind its plan to deliver a million artillery shells to Ukraine by March 2024. So far, only 30% has been fulfilled.

It was also reported that due to concerns in the EU about falling behind in the schedule for supplying artillery shells to Ukraine, there was consideration of purchasing them from countries outside the European Union.