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Swedish military aid to Ukraine, NATO data on Russia's war losses - Thursday brief

Swedish military aid to Ukraine, NATO data on Russia's war losses - Thursday brief RBC-Ukraine collage

Yesterday, March 14, Sweden announced plans to provide military assistance to Ukraine. Meanwhile, NATO assessed Russia's war losses.

RBC-Ukraine compiled the main news for March 14.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest news

Sweden to allocate €30 million to Czech initiative for procuring shells for Ukraine

Sweden has decided to support the Czech initiative to supply artillery shells to Ukraine, allocating 30 million euros for this purpose.

The government has decided that the Defense Materiel Administration may negotiate and conclude an agreement with the responsible authority of Czechia.

It is noted that Ukraine's need for ammunition is significant, especially in terms of artillery. Czechia has identified opportunities to purchase large quantities of ammunition on the global market for transfer to Ukraine. Therefore, the Swedish government has decided to support Czechia in this initiative.

Russia's losses in war against Ukraine exceed 350,000 - Stoltenberg

Since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian occupiers have lost 350,000 of their soldiers killed and wounded.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg mentioned that the number of killed and wounded Russian soldiers is based on data from Western intelligence services. However, he has not specified the exact number of Russian military personnel killed.

According to Stoltenberg, the losses of the occupiers in Ukraine have significantly increased recently. The aggressor country is paying a very high price for minor successes in terms of controlling certain territories.

The Secretary-General reminded that the Ukrainian Armed Forces also sank a significant part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Additionally, Ukrainian forces managed to shoot down important and expensive long-range airborne early warning and control aircraft A-50.

Not sure, but not ruling out sending troops to Ukraine - Macron

President of France Emmanuel Macron, commenting on his statement regarding the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine, has said that he is not certain about it, but does not rule out such a step.

In an interview with the TV channel on the possible deployment of French troops to Ukraine, Macron responds, "We are not certain that we will do this. We are not currently in such a situation, but we do not rule out this option at the moment."

"I assume discussing this possibility," he continues.

"We have put too many restrictions, so to speak, on our vocabulary. We are not in escalation. We are not in a state of war with Russia. We just need to be clear, we must not allow Russia to win," Macron adds.

The President of France is convinced that the war in Ukraine is "existential for our Europe and for France."

"France is a force for peace. Just today, for there to be peace in Ukraine, we must not be weak. And so we must consciously look at the situation, and we must with determination, will, and courage say that we are ready to use means to achieve our goal, which is to ensure that Russia does not win," Macron states.

He has noted that in recent months the situation has become "much more complicated" for Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine war outcome expected in spring and summer, Borrell says

The head of European Union diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has admitted that the outcome of Russia's war against Ukraine will be decided this year - in spring and summer.

During his visit to Washington, the official called for ongoing assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russian occupiers amid doubts about the resumption of American support.

Borrell also adds that Ukraine cannot wait for the results of the US presidential election in November.

Last aid package to Ukraine was 'unique circumstance,' no new assistance likely, Pentagon

The United States will not be able to provide another military aid package to Ukraine as it did two days ago because that was a "unique circumstance."

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh described the allocation of the latest $300 million aid package to Ukraine as a "unique circumstance." The official also adds that military assistance to Ukraine is related to the need for emergency support to the Armed Forces.

According to Singh, the Pentagon has no information about the possibility of repeating it.

Ukraine's MFA responds to Russia's sham elections and addresses Ukrainians under occupation

Russia's imitation of the so-called presidential elections in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories demonstrates further blatant disregard for the norms and principles of international law.

Despite the condemnation by the international community, and numerous resolutions and decisions of many international organizations, Russia continues to try to spread the norms of its legislation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasizes that the so-called elections in the occupation are illegal and will have no legal basis. Forcing Ukrainians who currently live in the temporarily occupied territories to participate in the pseudo-elections is also illegal.

"This, combined with the absence of any signs of compliance with generally recognized democratic principles and election standards in the Russian Federation, as well as the elimination of opponents of the Russian authorities, calls into question the objectivity and legitimacy of any results of these "pseudo-elections," the Foreign Ministry adds.

Weimar Triangle meeting in Berlin will be dedicated to helping Ukraine - Scholz

The upcoming meeting of the Weimar Triangle in Berlin this Friday will primarily focus on aiding Ukraine.

"It is good that we are coming together in the Weimar Triangle at this time," said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Scholz added that it is important for the three EU countries to come together because Russia is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine.

"We must do everything we can to organize as much support as possible for Ukraine. Is there enough ammunition? Is there enough artillery? Is there enough air defense?" Scholz added.

Furthermore, the Chancellor once again dispelled impressions of a rift with Macron.

"Emmanuel Macron and I have a very good personal relationship, I would call it very friendly," Scholz said.

EU seeks ways to support defense companies, Bloomberg reveals details

The European Union is discussing ways to support the defense industry. This is related to the wars in Ukraine and Israel, reports Bloomberg.

Reportedly, President of the European Council Charles Michel plans to use the upcoming EU leaders' summit to raise concerns expressed by the defense industry.

Proposals include establishing a mechanism to prioritize the defense industry during competition with civilian goods in case of material shortages and ensuring long-term contracts for defense companies.

On Monday, Michel met with representatives of major defense companies. About 10 CEOs attended the meeting, including those from Rheinmetall AG, Airbus SE, Milrem Robotics, Nammo AS, Nexter, Naviris, and the president of Saab AB.