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Not sure, but not ruling out sending troops to Ukraine, Macron states

Not sure, but not ruling out sending troops to Ukraine, Macron states President of France Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

President of France Emmanuel Macron, commenting on his statement regarding the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine, has said that he is not certain about it, but does not rule out such a step, according to TF 1 Info.

In an interview with the television channel regarding the possible deployment of French troops to Ukraine, Macron responds, "We are not certain that we will do this. We are not currently in such a situation, but we do not rule out this option at the moment."

"I assume discussing this possibility," he continues.

"We have put too many restrictions, so to speak, on our vocabulary. We are not in escalation. We are not in a state of war with Russia. We just need to be clear, we must not allow Russia to win," Macron adds.

The President of France is convinced that the war in Ukraine is "existential for our Europe and for France."

"France is a force for peace. Just today, for there to be peace in Ukraine, we must not be weak. And so we must consciously look at the situation, and we must with determination, will, and courage say that we are ready to use means to achieve our goal, which is to ensure that Russia does not win," Macron states.

He has noted that in recent months the situation has become "much more complicated" for Ukraine.

"And so, I tell you with great responsibility: the beginning of 2024 must be a start for us," Macron says.

He is convinced that if Russia wins in Europe, there will be no more security, as Russian dictator Putin does not abide by his commitments and will not stop at Ukraine.

"The security of France, the security of Europe, and the security of the French are at stake," Macron believes.

Regarding the new "escalation that will drag us all into the conflict," Macron has said, "I sincerely hope this is not the case. Undoubtedly, today Russia is an enemy. The Kremlin regime is an enemy. I have always said this; we are not at war with Russia and the Russian people, and we support Ukraine."

"If Russia continues its escalation, if the situation worsens, we must be prepared, and we will be prepared," adds the President of France