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Sea Baby carries more than explosives: Unveiling Ukrainian naval drones' secret

Sea Baby carries more than explosives: Unveiling Ukrainian naval drones' secret Sea Baby drones can fire missiles (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Security Service of Ukraine naval drones called Sea Baby can not only carry explosives. They are also capable of firing missiles, according to SSU head Vasyl Maliuk's statements in Ukrainska Pravda and an exclusive video obtained from RBC-Ukraine's sources.

Maliuk on naval drones

According to Maliuk, SSU naval drones drove Russian ships into their home ports and restored the grain corridor.

"We want to knock out all missile carriers from the Ukrainian Black Sea. And then we will turn our attention to submarines," says the SSU head, adding that the Russian occupiers are in for some very unpleasant surprises.

"President Zelensky set a task: to make sure that Ukraine dominates the Black Sea. For the SSU, this area is one of the priorities," Maliuk emphasizes.

The SSU head notes that the Russians have already withdrawn all serious ships from Crimea, but this will not help them.

"The Russian fleet should not be in Crimea at all," he says.

SSU uses not only Sea Baby

RBC-Ukraine's sources say that the SSU uses two drones of its production. The first is Sea Baby. It not only carries 850 kg of charge, is equipped with a $300,000 communication system, but also has a flamethrower system. That is, it is capable of shooting at the enemy. The second is Mamai, a kamikaze drone that delivers 450 kg of explosives to any point in the Black Sea.


In August, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Maliuk, said that naval drones are a unique development of the special service. It was they who successfully attacked the Crimean Bridge in July 2023, as well as the Russian landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak and the SIG tanker. The Samum and Pavel Derzhavin ships were also attacked by these drones, and they also damaged the enemy's large military tugboat Nikolai Mura, and the newest reconnaissance and hydrographic ship, Vladimir Kozitsky.

The Security Service of Ukraine has also recently reported that it has another naval drone in service that helps conduct operations in the Black Sea. Its name is Mamai.