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Security Service of Ukraine present maritime drone: Photo

Security Service of Ukraine present maritime drone: Photo Photo: Mamai sea drone (press service of the SSU)

The Security Service of Ukraine has another maritime drone that assists in conducting operations in the Black Sea. It is named Mamai, as reported by the The Security Service (SSU) press service.

Earlier, it was known that The Security Service uses the Sea Baby maritime drone against Russian military objects. However, now the security service has decided to unveil the secret and talk about the drone named Mamai.

As stated by the SSU, the Mamai drone is currently the fastest object in the Black Sea, capable of reaching speeds of up to 110 km/h.

Не тільки Sea Baby. СБУ показала ще один свій морський дрон

Photo: Maritime drone Mamai (SSU press service)

Ukrainian sea drones

A sea drone named Sea Baby, as reported by the Security Service of Ukraine earlier, attacked the Crimean Bridge and other hostile objects, including Russian ships.

Indeed, in October 2022, SSU sea drones attacked enemy ships in Sevastopol Bay. At that time, four military vessels were damaged, including the frigate Admiral Makarov.

This year, SSU drones targeted the missile cruisers Samum and Pavel Derzhavin, the tanker SIG, the landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak, and also inflicted damage to the large military tugboat Nikolay Muru and the state-of-the-art reconnaissance-hydrographic ship Vladimir Kozitskiy.

However, it is not only the SSU that has its sea drone. Among the weaponry of the Ukrainian military is another development - the sea drone MAGURA V5.

Earlier, the SSU revealed details of how they operated sea drones during the attack on the Crimean Bridge.