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Orban says after meeting with Trump that he 'will not give a penny' to Ukraine

Orban says after meeting with Trump that he 'will not give a penny' to Ukraine Viktor Orban and Donald Trump (photo:

US ex-President Donald Trump allegedly has a plan to end Russia's war against Ukraine but is not going to finance support for Ukrainians if he returns to power after the US election, states Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

The interview was recorded after Orban's visit to Florida, where he met with Trump as a candidate for the US presidency. According to Orban, Trump allegedly told him that he had "detailed peacekeeping plans" for Russia's war against Ukraine. However, the Hungarian prime minister did not elaborate on the content of these plans, noting only that they coincide with Budapest's position.

But, according to Orban, if Trump wins the election, he does not plan to support Ukraine.

"If America does not give money, the Europeans themselves will not be able to finance this war, and then the war will end," the Hungarian prime minister explained Trump's logic.

Moreover, according to Orban, Trump does not plan to help Europe strengthen its defense, as the American ex-president himself has repeatedly stated publicly.

Orban's meeting with Trump

Yesterday, Orban said that he met with Trump in Florida. After the meeting, the Hungarian prime minister published a complimentary post on social media platform X, where he said that the world "needs leaders who can bring peace."

"Come back and bring us peace, Mr. President," Orban wrote.

This meeting was criticized by US President Joe Biden. His criticism was directed primarily at Trump, as he met with a European leader who aspires to dictatorship.

Trump and Orban's attitude to the war in Ukraine

The Hungarian Prime Minister has an anti-Ukrainian stance and has repeatedly made statements that discredit Ukraine. For example, in November 2023, he said that Ukraine would not be able to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

Trump, for his part, regularly calls for an end to the war in Ukraine and promises to do so if he wins the upcoming presidential election. To do so, he wants to sit down at the negotiating table with the leaders of Russia and Ukraine.

Trump has also repeatedly offered Ukraine to give up the temporarily occupied territories to Russia.