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Biden criticizes Trump's meeting with Orban

Biden criticizes Trump's meeting with Orban U.S. President Joe Biden (photo: Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden has criticized former President and election rival Donald Trump for meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Florida.

Speaking at a campaign rally to his supporters, Biden commented on Orban's meeting with Trump at the former president's villa in Florida.

"You know who he’s meeting with today, down in Mar-a-Lago? Orban of Hungary, who stated flatly he doesn’t think democracy works and is looking for dictatorship. I see a future where we defend democracy, not diminish it," the US president emphasized.

Orban's meeting with Trump

Today, Orban announced that he met with Trump in Florida. After the meeting, the Hungarian prime minister posted a complimentary post on social media platform X, where he said that the world "needs leaders who can bring peace" such as Trump.

"Come back and bring us peace, Mr. President," Orban wrote.

On the eve of Orban's visit to Trump, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the meeting would discuss how to end Russia's war against Ukraine.

Trump and Orban's attitude to the war in Ukraine

The Hungarian Prime Minister has an anti-Ukrainian stance and has repeatedly made statements that discredit Ukraine. For example, in November 2023, he said that Ukraine would not be able to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

Trump, for his part, regularly calls for an end to the war in Ukraine and promises to do so if he wins the upcoming presidential election.