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Trump made a new cynical statement about Ukraine

Trump made a new cynical statement about Ukraine Donald Trump (photo: Getty Images)

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has made another cynical statement regarding Ukraine, according to an interview with NBC.

"Because there were certain parts, Crimea and other parts of the country, that a lot of people expected could happen. You could have made a deal. So they could have made a deal where there’s lesser territory right now than Russia’s already taken, to be honest. And you could have made a deal where nobody was killed. They had a deal. They would have had a Ukraine country," he said.

Trump also remarked that what is happening now "is not good for Ukraine."

"Now nobody even knows if Ukraine is going to be totally taken over. I will say this: something’s going on, and it’s not good for Ukraine. Because the news is no longer reporting about the war. The fake news. They don’t report about the war anymore. You don’t find much reporting. That means that Ukraine’s losing," he added.

The former U.S. President also mentioned that the Ukrainian Spring Offensive never happened.

"The Spring Offensive never happened. Ukraine’s Spring Offensive never happened, because they were met with a wall of armaments and bombs," he added.

Trump's position on the war in Ukraine

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his support for Putin and opposed providing assistance to Ukraine. For example, earlier this year in May, he declined to label Putin as a war criminal and referred to him as "smart."

He has previously stated that he would allow Russia to take parts of Ukrainian territory to avoid war. Similar statements were made in June of this year.

In contrast, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed doubts about Trump's support for Putin in the event of Putin's victory in the 2024 elections.