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Multi-story building exploded in Belgorod, Russian Defense Minister's replacement - Weekend brief

Multi-story building exploded in Belgorod, Russian Defense Minister's replacement - Weekend brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

Over the weekend, an apartment building in Belgorod, Russia, exploded, and Russian leader Vladimir Putin decided to replace Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Read more about what happened over the weekend on RBC-Ukraine.

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Putin decides to replace Defense Minister

On Sunday, May 12, the Russian leader decided to replace Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He proposed to replace him with the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov.

Read more about the change of leadership in the power bloc of the Russian Federation and about Belousov in the RBC-Ukraine material.

Explosions in Belgorod: Entrance to multi-story building collapsed

On May 12, the entrance of a multi-story building collapsed in Belgorod, Russia. Later, when emergency workers were working at the scene, the roof of the building collapsed, destroying the entrance from the tenth to the first floor.

The Russians began to accuse Ukraine of hitting the building, but later, analysts found that the multi-story building in Belgorod could have been blown up from the inside.

Ukraine believes that a domestic explosion could have occurred in Belgorod, but a provocation is not ruled out.

Peace summit on Ukraine could make great step - Scholz

The peace summit to be hosted by Ukraine and Switzerland in June could be a big step toward peace, states German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

"Even if the main issue of peace (between Ukraine and Russia - ed.) is not discussed there now, but issues that are also part of it, it would be a big step," Scholz emphasized.

According to him, such an event would allow for “further steps” to be taken.

Germany proposes to close airspace over part of Ukraine

There is a proposal to use NATO air defense systems deployed on the eastern borders of the Alliance to protect the western regions of Ukraine from Russian drones. In particular, Poland and Romania could do this.

This idea is supported by representatives of some German political parties, including the ruling Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Union 90/Greens.

According to the newspaper, Nico Lange, an expert at the Munich Security Council (MSC) and former NATO Deputy Secretary General, proposed the idea of using NATO air defense systems deployed in Romania and Poland and operated by NATO forces to shoot down Russian drones over Western Ukraine, and Lieutenant General Horst Heinrich Braus suggested it.

British Ministry of Defense announced largest aid package to Ukraine: What's included

The UK Ministry of Defense announced the largest military aid package to Ukraine, 500 million pounds.

"The UK is delivering its largest ever military aid package to Ukraine. Alongside £500m in military funding, the UK is providing vital equipment," the statement reads.

In particular, the UK sends:

  • 4 million rounds of ammunition
  • More than 1,600 missiles
  • 400 vehicles - including 160 Husky vehicles