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Explosions in Belgorod: Entrance to multi-story building collapsed

Explosions in Belgorod: Entrance to multi-story building collapsed Photo: An entrance to a high-rise building collapsed in Belgorod (

Explosions were heard on May 12 in the Russian city of Belgorod. Reports on social media indicate that a section of a multi-storey building collapsed, according to local Telegram channels.

A section of a multi-story building in Belgorod collapsed from the tenth to the first floor. People may be trapped under the rubble, and the cause of the collapse is unknown.

Russian media outlets report allegedly five fatalities, but this information is unconfirmed.

The Governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, accuses Ukraine of shelling and claims that a projectile hit the building. Online sources mention that a Russian-guided aerial bomb struck the building.

Explosions in Russia

During the night of May 12, explosions were heard in the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation near a local oil refinery. Speculations online suggested that drones might have attacked the refinery.

Sources from RBC-Ukraine reported that the Volgograd oil refinery was attacked as part of a special operation by the Ministry of Defense's main intelligence directorate.

Additionally, on the same night, the Kaluganefteprodukt oil depot in the town of Lyudinovo and the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant were targeted.