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M114 howitzers, aviation rockets, and millions of rounds: Greece prepares military aid for Ukraine

M114 howitzers, aviation rockets, and millions of rounds: Greece prepares military aid for Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Greece is preparing to supply Ukraine with a new batch of military aid. This includes aviation missiles, artillery pieces, and ammunition, reports eKathimerini.

Role of Czechia

The material notes that the equipment will be purchased by Czechia and sent directly to Ukraine. Czech and Greek officials are negotiating prices for these systems, after which a bilateral agreement will be signed.

Greek officials claim that it is precisely ammunition that Ukraine needs the most and that their proposal will help meet the needs of Ukrainians.

What Ukraine can get

Greece has informed EU officials responsible for coordinating assistance to Ukraine that they could provide the following aid through Czechia this year:

  • 2000 Zuni rockets;
  • 180 rockets successfully used by Ukraine in anti-tank warfare and listed high on Ukraine's requests;
  • 90,000 90mm shells used in anti-tank warfare and air defense;
  • 4 million bullets;
  • 70 M114 155mm howitzers of American production.

Ukraine has already received artillery

The material notes that artillery pieces are indeed coming from the Greek Army's inventory but have long been considered unnecessary for its operational needs.

However, they are considered useful in Ukraine's confrontations in rugged terrain. This is the second batch of M114s that Greece will sell to Czechia for transfer to Ukraine.

Future meeting of NATO defense ministers

Defense Minister Nikos Dendias will participate in a meeting of NATO defense ministers and other countries providing arms to Ukraine in Germany next week.

It is expected that he will reiterate Greece's position that the flow of weapons and ammunition must be maintained to help Ukraine survive the difficult spring.

Greece has already provided anti-aircraft missile systems and sent Soviet-made BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles in exchange for somewhat more modern Marder armored vehicles of German production.


American field howitzer from the Second World War period. It was produced in series, under the designation M1, from October 1942 to June 1945, with a total of 4035 guns of this type being produced. The peak of production, at 206 howitzers, occurred in June 1944.

Greek assistance to Ukraine

Last summer, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Greece. During his visit, he announced that Athens would train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. The head of state also stated that Ukraine relied on Greece for air defense in the Black Sea.

Later, it was reported that Greece was suspending funding for support and maintenance programs for Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile systems, as they may be transferred to Ukraine in the future.

Recently, Greece's permanent representative to NATO, Spyros Lambridis, said that the Greek government was considering increasing military assistance to Ukraine