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Greece plans to increase military aid to Ukraine - Permanent Representative to NATO

Greece plans to increase military aid to Ukraine - Permanent Representative to NATO Special Representative to Ukraine, Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO Spiros Lambridis (X)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Greek government is considering increasing military aid to Ukraine, according to the special representative in Ukraine and permanent representative of Greece to NATO, Spiros Lambridis.

"This is confidential information, but friends don't have secrets - we supply Ukraine with everything we can and everything we have been asked to supply to the extent that we can," he said.

According to Greece's envoy, Athens continues to fulfill its obligations.

"We started providing assistance long before there was any agreement on the delivery of F-35 fighters from the United States. This is Greece's unilateral action. Ukraine is defending its independence and sovereignty. We thought we needed to give everything we could, of course, without jeopardizing our own national defense. That's what we're doing. We are considering increasing our contributions in this area," he said.

Greece's assistance to Ukraine

Last summer, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Greece. During his visit, he announced that Athens would train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters. The head of state also said that Ukraine relies on Greece's air defense units in the Black Sea waters.

It was later reported that Greece was suspending funding for programs supporting and servicing Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile complexes, as they may be transferred to Ukraine in the future.

It was also previously revealed that the United States is discussing with Greece the possibility of selling 75,000 artillery shells from the country's Armed Forces reserves. The negotiations are part of Washington's efforts to replenish Ukraine's ammunition supplies.