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Fire broke out at power substation in Moscow

Fire broke out at power substation in Moscow In Moscow, a fire broke out at a power substation (photo: GettyImages)

A fire broke out on the territory of the Moscow power substation Chagino today at night, November 24, according to Russian Telegram channels.

The power substation is located in the Southeastern district of Moscow in Lyublino, on Chaginskaya Street, building number 2.

According to Russian media reports, the ignition focus is in the transformer building. The fire area is about 200 square meters.

"A transformer and about 120 liters of fuel are burning at the Chagino substation in Moscow. Thick smoke is spreading around the area," the message says.

В Москві спалахнула пожежа на електропідстанції

Lyublino district in Moscow on the map (photo: screenshot from

A video of a fire at the Chagino power substation has appeared online:

Explosions in Russia

In 2023, the number of drone attacks has increased in various regions of Russia, including Moscow. Explosions and fires have become more frequent, affecting different areas.

On November 23, explosions occurred in the city of Lytkarino in the Moscow region, leading to power outages in several localities in the Moscow suburbs.

Ukrainian intelligence has warned residents of the Russian capital not to relax, as the frequency of drone attacks is expected to rise.

On the evening of November 10, explosions were reported near the Konstruktorskoye Byuro Mashinostroyeniya (KBM) corporation in the Moscow region, where Kinzhals and Iskanders are produced.

One of the significant attacks took place on the night of July 30 when unidentified drones targeted the business center Moscow City, hitting the so-called government tower, housing the offices of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

Brigadier General Sergey Baranov recently stated that Ukrainian forces are preparing for a large-scale winter attack on various regions of Russia using kamikaze drones.