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Explosions heard near Kinzhal missile manufacturing plant in the Moscow region

Explosions heard near Kinzhal missile manufacturing plant in the Moscow region Explosions heard in the Russian city of Kolomna (photo: GettyImages)

In the Russian town of Kolomna in the Moscow region, explosions were reported on the evening of November 10. The blasts were heard in close proximity to the Design Bureau of Machine Building (DBMB) corporation, known for producing Kinzhals and Iskanders, according to Russian Telegram channels.

Indeed, the Telegram channel SHOT stated that the explosions were heard around 23:35. According to some reports, this could potentially be the result of air defense systems in operation.

Simultaneously, the propaganda channel Mash claimed the alleged downing of a drone near the KBM facility. According to their information, there were no casualties reported as a result of the attack.

Furthermore, they reported the operation of air defense systems in Strogino and Krasnogorsk to the northwest of Moscow.

The aftermath of the strike

Russian media reports that the downed drone supposedly crashed onto the roof of the enterprise. Windows were shattered in two buildings, and the roof and siding were also damaged.

Mash reports, "There was no further ignition."

The Russian Ministry of Defense informed the publication that air defense forces allegedly shot down two Ukrainian UAVs over the territories of the Smolensk and Moscow regions.

What is known about Design Bureau of Machine Building (DBMB)

The Scientific and Production Corporation Design Bureau of Machine Building (DBMB) in Kolomna is one of the leading Russian design and production centers in the field of military technology.

KBM manufactures, among other things, the Kinzhal and Iskander missiles. The company is part of the Precision Systems holding within the state corporation Rostec. Sergey Pitikov heads DBMB.

According to media reports, some of the goods necessary for the production of Kinzhal missiles are imported from Europe. Specifically, DBMB receives thermal and cooling chambers from the Moscow-based company Ostek-Test, which imports them from Poland.

Explosions in Moscow and the area

This summer, Moscow has experienced a persistent wave of drone attacks. Ukrainian intelligence consistently warned Moscow residents not to let their guard down, emphasizing that the frequency of drone attacks is likely to increase.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom, new anti-drone defense systems have been deployed around Moscow to counter these threats.