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Biden signs aid for Ukraine, explosions at oil depots in Russia - Wednesday brief

Biden signs aid for Ukraine, explosions at oil depots in Russia - Wednesday brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

US President Joe Biden signed a bill providing funding to help Ukraine. Meanwhile, several oil depots in Russia were attacked.

RBC-Ukraine collected the main news for April 23.

US aid to Ukraine: Biden signs bill

President Joe Biden has signed a bill allocating funds to aid Ukraine. The United States will now be able to provide Ukraine with a new package of military assistance.

As reported by Reuters, the $1 billion American aid package to Ukraine may include armored vehicles, Stinger MANPADS ammunition, additional ammunition for HIMARS, 155mm artillery shells, and anti-tank missiles for TOW and Javelin systems.

Meanwhile, according to CNN sources, this aid package will likely include long-range ATACMS missiles. Presumably, these missiles are capable of flying 300 kilometers, which Ukraine has requested from the United States for some time.

Oil depots in Smolensk region of Russia attacked by Security Service of Ukraine

Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) drones attacked two oil depots in the Smolensk region of Russia on the night of April 24. The depots contained 26 thousand cubic meters of Russian fuel.

Sources indicate that two Rosneft bases in the Smolensk region, located in the settlements of Yartsevo and Rozdorovo, were targeted that night. These facilities store and transfer petroleum products.

According to sources, the strike was carried out by SSU drones.

The depots housed 26 thousand cubic meters of Russian fuel. Following powerful explosions at the sites, a massive fire broke out, prompting the evacuation of personnel.

UK to transfer Paveway IV bombs to Ukraine, reports say

UK to send Paveway IV aerial bombs to Ukraine as part of next military aid package, according to BBC journalist Jonathan Beale.

The Paveway IV bomb is a 230 kg munition equipped with two guidance systems: GPS and laser. It is produced by Raytheon UK and is the latest version of the Paveway series.

The Paveway IV can engage targets using GPS, laser targeting, or a combination of both. This gives pilots more flexibility when choosing strike tactics. The aerial bomb is also highly accurate in hitting targets.

Paveway IV can be used from a variety of combat aircraft, including the Harrier GR9, Panavia Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, and F-35 Lightning II.

European Commission allocates another €1.5 billion to Ukraine

The European Commission has allocated the second installment of exceptional bridge financing to Ukraine under the mechanism for Ukraine, amounting to €1.5 billion, reports the press center of the European Commission.

The disbursement follows the European Commission's positive assessment of the agreed political conditions related to reforms in the judiciary, anti-money laundering, public finance management, business environment, agriculture, and reporting requirements to ensure transparent and efficient use of funds.

"Ukraine is carrying a heavy burden for all of us. The additional €1.5 billion we disburse today will ensure that Ukraine can keep the State and basic services running for the population while it fights back the aggressor," said President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

US announces new aid package for Ukraine: What's included

President of the United States Joe Biden has announced a new package of military aid for Ukraine. Its size amounts to 1 billion dollars, according to the video from the White House and the Pentagon press service.

"Now America is going to send the supply they (Ukrainians) need to keep them in a fight... I'm making sure the shipments start right away," Biden stated.

According to Biden, new American aid will be delivered to Ukraine in a few hours.

"In the next few hours — literally in a few hours — we are going to begin sending equipment to Ukraine for air defense munitions, artillery for rocket systems, and armored vehicles," Biden said.