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US aid to Ukraine: Biden signs bill

US aid to Ukraine: Biden signs bill Photo: Joe Biden, President of the United States (Getty Images)

President Joe Biden has signed a bill allocating funds to aid Ukraine. The United States will now be able to provide Ukraine with a new package of military assistance.

The broadcast of the signing of the bill on aid to Ukraine:

"It’s a good day for world peace. It’s going to make America safer, is going to make the world safer. It gives vital support to America’s partners ... so they can defend themselves against threats to their sovereignty, and the lives and freedom of their citizens," announced the President of the United States.

Delay of the US aid to Ukraine

The saga of approving new funding for aid to Ukraine dragged on for nearly half a year in the US Congress. Biden requested additional funds from Congress last fall, but the issue was at an impasse for a long time due to opposition from the Republican Party.

In February, the US Senate approved a combined bill for aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, but the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, refused to bring it to a vote in the lower chamber of Congress.

However, in April, Johnson proposed his own four separate bills to congressmen - for aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and regarding US national security issues. The documents were approved by the House of Representatives, and then were passed as a package in the US Senate.

In the bill, more than $60 billion was allocated for expenses related to supporting Ukraine. For more details on where these funds will be spent, read the material by RBC-Ukraine.

Now that the bill approved by the Senate has been signed by the American president, the US can provide a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. It is expected that its total value will be $1 billion.

What new aid package from the US may include

As reported by Reuters, the $1 billion American aid package to Ukraine may include armored vehicles, Stinger MANPADS ammunition, additional ammunition for HIMARS, 155mm artillery shells, and anti-tank missiles for TOW and Javelin systems.

Meanwhile, according to CNN sources, this aid package will likely include long-range ATACMS missiles. And presumably, these are missiles capable of flying 300 kilometers, which Ukraine has been requesting from the United States for some time.

The USA plans to deliver the new aid package to Ukraine as quickly as possible, so some of the weapons have already been transferred to two European countries.