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UK to transfer Paveway IV bombs to Ukraine, reports say

UK to transfer Paveway IV bombs to Ukraine, reports say Photo: UK will hand over Paveway IV aerial bombs to Ukraine (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

UK to send Paveway IV aerial bombs to Ukraine as part of next military aid package, according to BBC journalist Jonathan Beale.

"Latest batch of UK military aid to Ukraine will include Paveway IV bombs," he says.

Paveway IV characteristics

The Paveway IV bomb is a 230 kg munition equipped with two guidance systems: GPS and laser. It is produced by the UK company Raytheon UK and is the latest version of the Paveway series.

The Paveway IV can engage targets using GPS, laser targeting, or a combination of both. This gives pilots more flexibility when choosing strike tactics. The aerial bomb has also high accuracy in hitting targets.

Paveway IV can be used from a variety of combat aircraft, including the Harrier GR9, Panavia Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, and F-35 Lightning II.

Overall the Paveway IV is an effective and versatile weapon used by the Royal Air Force and likely to be used by the Royal Navy.

Recently, UK planes dropped these bombs during an attack on military facilities of Iranian proxies in Yemen.

UK aid to Ukraine

The United Kingdom continues to actively help Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression. The other day, London allocated almost 150 million pounds sterling (over 180 million dollars) to strengthen the Ukrainian energy sector.

This is not the only support measure taken by the UK in recent times. At the beginning of April, it became known that London was considering the possibility of sending to Ukraine a prototype of a laser weapon designed to shoot down drones and missiles.

On April 10, Ukraine and the UK signed a framework agreement on cooperation in the field of defense materials.

In addition to military aid, the UK also provides humanitarian support to Ukraine.