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Yurii Doshchatov

Special Correspondent

Author and editor of business media specializing in economic topics.

In journalism since 1997. Worked on TV, the UNIAN, and Ukrainian News agencies, as well as in the Apostrophe and Collaborated as a correspondent with international news agencies.

Was part of the press pool of three prime ministers. Covered major events both within Ukraine and in the country’s international economic relations. In particular, was involved in the preparation of the EU Association and FTA Agreement, as well as the CIS FTA Agreement.

As a journalist, analyzed and covered all the crises that arose in Ukraine's gas relations with Russia, starting from 2008.

Extensively deals with the issue of Ukraine's cooperation with international financial organizations, primarily with the International Monetary Fund.

Participates in various international energy forums as a guest and moderator of specific panels.

Appeared as a commentator and expert in projects on Ukraine’s major TV channels.

Gave lectures and conducted master classes for aspiring journalists.

Since August 202, special correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

Author publications

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