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Xi Jinping outlines his vision for peace conference regarding Ukraine

Xi Jinping outlines his vision for peace conference regarding Ukraine Photo: Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China (Getty Images)

China advocates for holding an international peace conference on a full-scale war, in which Russia and Ukraine would participate "on an equal footing," stated Chinese leader Xi Jinping during a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to Xi Jinping, China supposedly plays an important role in ensuring peace in Ukraine. Furthermore, as usual, he referred to the full-scale war as the Ukraine crisis.

At the same time, the Chinese leader is offended by the alleged attempt to tarnish his reputation by using the war in Ukraine.

"History has proven time and again that at the end of the day, conflicts can only be resolved through negotiation. We call on all parties to resume engagement and dialogue to build mutual trust. We support holding at a proper time an international peace conference that is recognized by both Russia and Ukraine and ensures the equal participation of all parties and fair discussions on all peace plans," stated the leader of China.

He concluded by adding that Beijing supports a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture in Europe.

China's position on the war in Ukraine

As reiterated multiple times, since the onset of the full-scale war in Ukraine, China has maintained a seemingly neutral stance. Beijing refers to the war as the Ukraine crisis. Specifically, China has yet to openly condemn the Russian Federation or impose sanctions against it.

Currently, Xi Jinping is on a European tour that began on May 5th. Overall, he plans to visit France, Serbia, and Hungary. According to media reports, Macron intended to discuss the war in Ukraine with his Chinese counterpart.

Meanwhile, China's leader has already expressed intentions to seek "good ways" to end the war.