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Xi Jinping in Paris talks about finding 'good ways' to end Russia's war against Ukraine

Xi Jinping in Paris talks about finding 'good ways' to end Russia's war against Ukraine Chinese leader Xi Jinping (photo: Getty Images)

Chinese leader Xi Jinping, visiting Paris on May 5 as part of his European tour, spoke of Beijing's search for "good ways" to end Russia's war with Ukraine.

At the same time, the Chinese leader called Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine a "Ukrainian crisis." He also noted the impact of the war on European society.

"We understand the shock that the Ukrainian crisis has caused for Europeans. China is not the source of this crisis, nor is it a party or a participant," Xi Jinping said.

The Chinese leader also expressed hope that peace and stability would "quickly return to Europe" and declared Beijing's intention to "work with France and the entire international community to find good solutions to the crisis."

Tomorrow, May 6, Xi Jinping will continue his meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in the French capital.

Xi Jinping's visit to France and talks with Macron

Earlier it was reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Europe for the first time in about 5 years amid rising tensions with the West over a number of issues, including trade, espionage allegations, and Beijing's support for Russia.

Xi's European tour is to run on May 5-10 and cover France, Serbia, and Hungary.

Earlier it was reported that during the visit to Paris of the Chinese leader, who continues to demonstrate his support for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Macron intends to advocate for commercial "reciprocity" and finding a solution to Russia's war against Ukraine.

In late April, Bloomberg reported that French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to persuade Xi Jinping to influence Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's decision to end the war against Ukraine.

In addition, Politico recently reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Macron would hold a "secret supper" in Paris, a few days before Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in France.