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Ukraine in focus: Expectations for Macron-Xi Jinping talks

Ukraine in focus: Expectations for Macron-Xi Jinping talks Chinese leader Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Getty Images)

During a visit to Paris by Chinese leader Xi Jinping, French President Emmanuel Macron will press his colleague to urge the Russian Federation to end the war against Ukraine, according to the Associated Press.

Among the issues that the presidents will discuss are:

  • the war in Ukraine;
  • Middle East issues;
  • trade, as well as global challenges;
  • climate change.

The agency stated that France is Xi Jinping's first "stop" on his European tour. He will then visit Serbia and Hungary.

According to one official, France hopes that the negotiations will help convince China to use its leverage on Russia to facilitate an end to the war in Ukraine. In particular, the Chinese People's Republic plans to visit the dictator Vladimir Putin soon.

During the talks, Macron will also press Xi Jinping on Chinese company deliveries that support Russian military efforts despite European Union (EU) sanctions.

Additionally, Paris wishes for Beijing to support dialogue with Kyiv.

"As France prepares to host the Summer Olympics, Macron said he would ask Xi to use his influence to make the Games "a diplomatic moment of peace" and respect the Olympic Truce," the agency adds.

Xi Jinping's visit to France

Xi Jinping's European tour began yesterday, May 5, and will last until May 10. The Chinese leader will visit China, Serbia, and Hungary. As noted earlier, during the meeting with his colleague, Macron plans to advocate for commercial "reciprocity" and seek a resolution to Russia's war against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping has already expressed China's search for "good ways" to end the full-scale war.