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Wagnerites in Belarus: Ukraine does not rule out provocations at NATO borders

Wagnerites in Belarus: Ukraine does not rule out provocations at NATO borders Russia could utilize Wagnerites near the borders of NATO countries (Photo: Getty Images)

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak claims that Russia may use the mercenaries of the private military company Wagner, who have been transferred to Belarus. Provocations near the borders of Poland and the Baltic countries are not ruled out.

"Obviously, Wagner's mercenaries cannot remain idle in tent camps in Belarus. To maintain their combat readiness, they need regular involvement in military operations and lucrative financial flows. In this matter, there is little room for maneuver for Prigozhin," Podolyak noted.

In his opinion, incursions to Ukraine's borders are a risky venture for the Wagnerites as they would encounter Ukrainian border guards and fortified defenses.

"However, the situation is different at the borders of Poland and the Baltic countries, particularly the strategically tempting Suwalki Gap. Russia's hybrid aggression against NATO using "grey men" aligns perfectly with their strategy of raising stakes to pressure allies and influence support for Ukraine," emphasized the Advisor.

Podolyak believes that Russia perceives NATO's unpreparedness to counter its actions as a "driving force for provocations."

In this situation, there is only one solution - strengthening military support for Ukraine, which "currently ensures peace in Europe."

"Of course, Eastern Europe is well aware of this. But the farther other capitals are located from Russia, the more frequent reminders seem necessary," Podolyak added.

Wagnerites in Belarus

After the failed coup attempt by Wagner's leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, some of his mercenaries arrived in Belarus. According to preliminary data, their numbers in Belarus already amount to several thousand.

They are located in a tent camp near the military base in Osipovichi. Prigozhin was also spotted there.

Ukrainian border guards emphasize that currently, Wagner PMC in Belarus does not pose a direct threat to Ukraine, though provocations are not ruled out.