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Ukrainian counteroffensive - Russia uses modified Ka-52 helicopter

Ukrainian counteroffensive - Russia uses modified Ka-52 helicopter Russia uses a modified Ka-52 helicopter (Photo:

While the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue significant offensive operations in the Zaporizhzhia region, one of the most influential Russian weapon systems in this sector is the attack helicopter Ka-52, which has been heavily modified, the UK Ministry of Defence reported on Twitter.

According to the summary, Russia has lost about 40 Ka-52 helicopters since the invasion, but this type has also come at a high cost to Ukraine.

According to British intelligence, in recent months, Russia has bolstered its forces in the south with an entirely new variant of the Ka-52M: a highly modified helicopter based on the Russian experience in Syria.

Evidence confirming the use of the M variant in Ukraine includes photographs posted on social media showing the crew posing next to the new helicopter.

"Another crucial improvement to the Ka-52 fleet is the integration of the new LMUR anti-tank missile, with a range of approximately 15 km. The Ka-52 crews quickly took advantage of the opportunity to use weapons beyond the reach of the Ukrainian defense system," stated the UK Ministry of Defence.

Counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began in early June. Progress has been slow due to Russian minefields, tank obstacles, and other defensive measures.

Meanwhile, The New York Times and Bloomberg reported the beginning of a new significant phase in the Ukrainian offensive.

On the morning of July 25, Ukrainian marines shot down a Russian combat helicopter Ka-52 Alligator in Donbas. The Ka-52 helicopter is designed for surveillance, target designation, and coordination of actions for a group of combat helicopters. It can engage armored and unarmored vehicles, ground forces, and aerial targets on the battlefield.