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Ukraine still awaiting NASAMS air defense system promised by Canada year ago

Ukraine still awaiting NASAMS air defense system promised by Canada year ago Photo: Ukraine yet to receive NASAMS air defense system (nasams twitter com Parazyth)

Canada committed to purchasing NASAMS air defense systems for Ukraine a year ago. However, they have yet to arrive, and in Ottawa, there is uncertainty about when they will be handed over to Kyiv, reports CTV News.

"Ukraine's president says getting air defence systems onto the battlefield is the top priority in the new year, but the system Canada promised a year ago still hasn't been delivered and it is not clear when it will be," the article states.

However, it specified that a year ago, the Canadian government announced funding for Ukraine to acquire NASAMS air defense systems.

As of now, the NASAMS air defense system has not arrived in Ukraine, and the Canadian government is unsure when it will be transferred to Kyiv.

Statements from the involved parties

The Ministry of Defense reports that Canada paid the U.S. government $406 million for the air defense system in March of last year.

A representative of the Ministry of Defense stated that the U.S. government signed a contract with the arms manufacturer Raytheon for its production.

However, Kongsberg, another company involved in creating these systems, claims it has no contract with either the U.S. or Canada. A Pentagon representative did not provide information, redirecting inquiries to Canadian officials.

NASAMS systems for Ukraine

NASAMS is a Norwegian mobile anti-aircraft missile system capable of launching 72 missiles in 12 seconds. It is used to shoot down aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles within a radius of up to 40 km.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received the NASAMS air defense system in November 2022.

In January of the previous year, the Canadian Ministry of Defense stated that Ukraine would receive the purchased air defense system NASAMS as soon as it was prepared.

In November, President Zelenskyy announced that Ukraine had received additional NASAMS air defense systems. They have already been put on combat duty and will serve as a significant reinforcement to the air defense on the eve of winter.