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UK to assist Ukraine in enhancing maritime military support: Details

UK to assist Ukraine in enhancing maritime military support: Details The United Kingdom will assist Ukraine in strengthening military-naval support (photo: GettyImages)

The United Kingdom will assist Ukraine in monitoring the Black Sea, leveraging its naval expertise. This is outlined in a 10-year security pact set to be signed in the coming weeks, according to The Guardian.

The Memorandum of Understanding provides post-war security guarantees, including increased arms supplies and the reimposition of sanctions in the event of a new Russian attack.

Britain has assured Ukraine that it will help strengthen its naval fleet under the planned Memorandum of Understanding.

The UK also intends to utilize its naval expertise and resources to aid Ukraine in enhancing its naval fleet.

The Royal Navy is already training Ukrainian experts to neutralize Russian mines and other explosive devices using unmanned underwater vehicles.

This training will assist Ukraine in restoring its maritime routes and preparing for naval operations such as amphibious assaults.

What is included in the package

Representatives from the defense ministry are not yet disclosing details about the weaponry that may be sent to Ukraine. However, they have confirmed that it will include both ground and air assets.

The UK plans to supply Ukraine with weapons that will enable its armed forces to work in conjunction with NATO forces. This weaponry will help Ukraine become a stronger and more effective military force capable of countering future threats.

In addition, the UK and Ukraine have agreed on further intelligence sharing. This will allow both countries to better understand the threat from Russia and implement more effective measures to counter it.

British aid to Ukraine

The United Kingdom has been providing significant military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion. As part of this aid, Ukrainian military forces have received Challenger 2 tanks, long-range Storm Shadow missiles, M270 multiple rocket launch systems, and other types of weaponry from the British.

Additionally, Britain annually allocates military aid to Kyiv amounting to £2.3 billion, starting from the time Russia initiated its full-scale invasion. It is expected that this amount will be matched in 2024.

It was also reported that, according to information from The Times, the UK has supplied Ukraine with Martlet missiles designed to counteract kamikaze drones.

Previously, we reported that the UK, in collaboration with Norway, formed a naval coalition to assist Ukraine, sending two ships for mine clearance.