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Britain and Norway created new maritime coalition to aid Ukraine

Britain and Norway created new maritime coalition to aid Ukraine Britain and Norway will lead a maritime coalition to aid Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

The United Kingdom, together with Norway, is leading a new Maritime Coalition to assist Ukraine. This new alliance of countries will supply ships and other naval assets to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strengthen their capabilities for maritime operations, according to the press service of the UK Ministry of Defence.

"New coalition will deliver long-term support to Ukraine, including training, equipment, and infrastructure to bolster security in the Black Sea," the British Ministry of Defence said.

It is emphasized that the Russian blockade of the Black Sea has significantly reduced Ukraine's ability to export goods by sea. Therefore, strengthening the maritime capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including countering the threat of Russian sea mines, will help restore Ukraine's maritime exports.

"The new Maritime Coalition will coordinate the support provided by the UK, Norway, and other countries to Ukraine. In the long term, this will help Ukraine transform its naval fleet, making it more compatible with Western allies, more NATO-compatible, and strengthen security in the Black Sea," said UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

It is reported that the Maritime Coalition will also work closely with the Ukrainian Navy and the Ministry of Defence to develop a range of capabilities, including the rapid development of naval forces in the Black Sea, the modernization of the Ukrainian Marine Corps, and river patrol boats to protect coastal areas, as well as inland waterways.

Assistance to Ukraine from Britain

Britain is one of Ukraine's key allies since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. Ukrainian forces have received support from the British, including Challenger 2 tanks, long-range Storm Shadow missiles, M270 multiple-launch rocket systems, and much more.

Recently, The Times reported that Britain supplied Ukraine with Martlet missiles, enhancing its defense against kamikaze drones like the Shahed.

Furthermore, the UK's Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, recently stated that Britain intends to maintain or even increase its level of assistance to Ukraine in 2024.