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U.S. at UN: Russia launched North Korean ballistic missiles against Ukraine 9 times

U.S. at UN: Russia launched North Korean ballistic missiles against Ukraine 9 times Photo: Russia hit Ukraine with North Korean missiles at least 9 times (photo from open sources)

The Russian Federation has launched ballistic missiles of North Korean origin on Ukrainian territory at least nine times, stated the Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN, Robert Wood.

"Russia and the DPRK must be held accountable for their actions which undermine longstanding obligations under UN Security Council resolutions. These unlawful arms transfers and potential technology transfers from Russia to the DPRK undermine regional stability and the global nonproliferation regime as well as the Security Council’s credibility.," said Wood.

The U.S. Ambassador also noted that Russia is the sole aggressor in this war, and only Moscow can end it today.

"But even in the complete absence of any serious demonstration of interest by Putin in a peaceful resolution to the war, Ukraine continues to seek a pathway to a just and lasting peace consistent with principles of the UN Charter," Wood added.

Supplies of weapons from North Korea to Russia

North Korea is an ally of Russia in the war against Ukraine and provides military assistance to the aggressor.

In late September, Western media reported that Pyongyang is supplying Moscow with 152mm artillery shells and Katyusha type rockets.

In November, journalists from Western outlets reported the transfer of a million artillery shells from Pyongyang to Russian military.

In December 2023, the White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby stated that Russia had procured ballistic missiles from North Korea with a striking range of up to 900 kilometers. According to him, these missiles have already been used for strikes against Ukraine.