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Shooting in an upscale neighborhood in Brussels: People injured

Shooting in an upscale neighborhood in Brussels: People injured There has been a shooting in an upscale neighborhood in Brussels (illustrative photo)

A shooting occurred in the capital of Belgium. Four people were injured, with one of them in serious condition, according to DH.

The shooting took place in an upscale area of Brussels. Four individuals were wounded, and one of them sustained serious injuries.

"Around 19:30, we were informed of a shooting on Golden Fleece Avenue. Our services immediately went to the scene. In total, four people were injured. According to the prosecutor's statement, one of the victims is in danger," said the police spokesperson.

The president of the Golden Fleece gallery traders' association also reported that about twenty people took refuge inside the gallery, including an injured woman who was promptly taken care of by the police. The victim was shot in the right knee and is a tourist. Due to the panic, the gallery was closed.

"About twenty people took refuge in the gallery, including a woman injured in the right leg, a tourist. I called the police, and they arrived with firefighters," reported the brewery manager.

The police are ruling out terrorism, and the shooter has not been apprehended. The police are investigating the possibility of settling scores related to drug issues. The prosecutor's office has opened a criminal case on the attempted murder.

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