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Shooting occurred at university of Las Vegas: Police reported death of the attacker

Shooting occurred at university of Las Vegas: Police reported death of the attacker The police and emergency services are at the scene of the shooting at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, USA (photo: KVVU /

In a campus shooting incident at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (USA) this evening, December 6, law enforcement facilitated the evacuation of students and apprehended the assailant, who did not survive, according to official statements on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Twitter (X) and CNN.

"The suspect has been identified and deceased," states a release from local law enforcement regarding the shooting incident.

Subsequently, the police also informed journalists that there appear to be multiple victims as a result of the shooting. Detailed information is not currently being disclosed. An investigation is underway.

It is also not clarified who the shooter was specifically.

Later, at 23:40 (Kyiv time), the Las Vegas Police Department's Twitter account published a statement from Sheriff Kevin McMahill regarding the incident.

"There is no further threat. There is no idea of the motive. Several injured individuals have been transported to local hospitals. These details will be available shortly. The investigation is ongoing," he reported.

What is known about the event

Gunshots rang out inside the Student Union building near the Bim-Hall business school on the campus grounds. The shooting was described as active, with reports indicating that windows were shot through.

Following the gunfire, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) administration issued a warning, urging students and staff to evacuate to a safe area.

Approximately 200 people were inside the Student Union during the incident. Students mentioned that many people were in panic.

The government's reaction

The White House has responded to the shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). According to press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, the authorities have been monitoring the situation and the actions of law enforcement.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman, in a Twitter statement, described the campus shooting as tragic and heartbreaking.

Cases of mass shootings in the USA

Earlier, it was reported that during the night of October 26, an unidentified individual carried out a mass shooting in the city of Lewiston, Maine. The incident resulted in the death of 18 people, with over fifty individuals sustaining injuries.

After a three-day manhunt for the suspect responsible for these shootings, the attacker was found dead.

In April of this year, in Jasper, Texas, nine teenagers were injured in a shooting during a post-prom party. The incident took place at a high school in a church assembly hall.

Subsequently, a shooting occurred at a shopping center in the suburbs of Dallas. Injured individuals were transported to clinics, and one of the victims was only 5 years old.

In June, an armed individual in Virginia carried out a shooting that resulted in the deaths of at least two people, with five others sustaining injuries.