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Attack on tourists in Paris: Fatality and wounded reported

Attack on tourists in Paris: Fatality and wounded reported Unknown person attacked tourists in Paris (photo: GettyImages)

In Paris, an unknown assailant attacked pedestrians, resulting in at least one fatality and several injuries, according to reports from AFP and the French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.

According to reports from the French news agency AFP, the attacker had radical Islamist views.

"Attacker stabs person to death in Paris, reportedly shouted Allah akbar," the publication reported.

Later, the French Minister of the Interior announced the arrest of the attacker.

"The police have just bravely arrested the assailant of pedestrians in Paris, in the Grenelle embankment area. Assistance has been provided to one deceased and one injured by the Paris Fire Brigade. Please avoid this area," wrote Darmanin on his page.

As a result of the attack in Paris, a tourist from Germany was killed, and two other people were injured, according to the head of the French Ministry of the Interior.

"The second person was injured and is undergoing treatment," added the police.

A video of the police operation to apprehend the attacker has appeared online.

Police informed AFP that the attacker was born in France and is a French national. The suspect is known for radical Islamism and psychiatric disorders.

In 2016, the attacker was convicted of planning another attack and was under the supervision of French security services. During the arrest, he told the police he was upset about the situation in the Gaza Strip. He had previously spent four years in a French prison for planning a terrorist act.

Terrorist attacks in France

In October, a Russian-born assailant attacked a school in a northern city of France with a knife, killing a literature teacher and injuring two others. The police arrested him.

Following this incident, the country implemented a heightened terrorist threat level. Later, the Minister of Transport announced increased patrols of railways and airports in France.